What kind of girl do you take me for?

I met this guy at my job and for awhile we had little or no communication at all. He was cute ( I don't make it a habit of messing with guys that even work in the same building) and after awhile we began having small conversations. A couple of weeks back ( around lunch time) we sat and talked and by the end of our conversation I had asked him if he wanted to exchange #'s. I was careful to make it clear on why I chose 2 ask. I'm a chill girl and I like 2 talk. Most of time that's all I want to do I can be someone's friend. 4 a week we talked via text and phone and everything was ok until. I started getting a weird vibe from him, he was cocky and the one thing I don't do is cocky. To make a long story short he thought he was going to screw , ( 4 whatever reason) he thought he was going to get a free ride to sexville. I was disgusted and it takes a lot to shock me. But the proof is in the pudding.

? Can guys and girls ever just be friends without sexually charged emotions?

Did I do something wrong?

Why is that some girls are classified as every girl?

meaning there are girls out here that just want to get it '' poppin'' why do guys always think we're all the same?
What kind of girl do you take me for?
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