Why does he keep bumping into me?

so i have a mazor crush on a guy and i don't really know if he likes me back because he have never talked before. He is 2 years older than me so yeah... But we keep bumping into each other and it's obvious he does that on purpose. (at least that's what my friends say). He would hardly ever say he is sorry but he keeps looking behind in my direction to see me. The last time, i turned around as well and none of us told he was sorry but we kept looking at each other. And the fact is, i'd ever noticed him before he bumped into me and we just stayed there looking into each other's eyes for a good 5 seconds. i mean we were kind of alone in the hallway (but my friends were there) and after those 5 seconds i asked in a really high peach voice sorry, but he said nothing. I don't know anymore. Anyone please help
Why does he keep bumping into me?
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