My boyfriend just slapped me should I call the police on him?

My boyfriend and I were in a really heated argument. We were having a fight about something really stupid and we both kept going on about it. We were both yelling very hurtful things that had nothing to do with the original topic of the argument. We were bringing up past instances and we were tying to prove each other wrong ruthlessly. In the end my boyfriend said something really mean and untrue about my sister I got as close as I could to his face and yelled "Shut the fuck up! You are the worst fucking boyfriend that I have ever had!" I know I shouldn't have said that, and Im pretty sure he would have never said that to me. I know this really hurt him. But still what he did in response was completely uncalled for. He just pushed me back and said in his most serious tone "Did you really just say that Payton? And literally slapped me across the face. I just stood there completely shocked and just broke down crying. I didn't even run or anything. I was just so confused. I could barley move cause I was crying so hard. I couldn't believe he had just disrespected me like that. I had never ever touched in any violent way. He froze too and didn't say anything. He just stood there and after a few minutes he said sorry quickly under his breath. And that's when I gathered myself enough to walk to the door and leave. I was still crying hard, and said nothing to him when I left. I probally looked like a fool.

So anyway when I told my sorority about this they all said I should break up with him and call the police, so the police would arrest him. I do think I will break up with him. But I don't know if I really want to call the police on him? What do y'all think I should do?

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Just for the record I don't think I will call the police. I did break up with him though thank y'all for all of you're opinions.
My boyfriend just slapped me should I call the police on him?
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