Guys, Would you get rid of your dog for your girl?

Ok, before any of you think I'm this horrible, dictating bitch of a girlfriend, let me give you a bit of a background. I love dogs. I honestly do. I've had dogs my entire life and I think that for they make great companions. I do not think my boyfriend's dog falls into that particular category.

She is aggressive and psychotic. You cannot bend down on the floor or sit down on a bed without her jumping on your back and humping you so violently that she growls in your ear and bites you if you try to pull her off. She runs out from the yard so that she can get at other dogs and she has even attacked two puppies who did nothing to her. She constantly jumps in people when their coming through the door and leaves scratch marks all over their legs and feet and no amount of telling her not to will work. I am genuinely afraid of this dog; she has bitten me before.

Now, since I am a reasonable person and I understand my boyfriend won't just get rid of her because I dislike her, I have tried many times to help him train her properly as well as get him to see that she has problems. He won't listen to me. He sleeps with the dog in his bed, under the covers and everything, with the dog slobbering all over his pillow, he allows her under the dining room table to beg, and thinks that the humping and growling is hilarious. He thinks she's a good dog.

On top of it all, the first time my boyfriend and I had sex (which also happened to be my first time ever) she dug through the trash and ate the condom. I had to induce vomiting. A truly memorable night.

Trying to be helpful and compromise has no effect, so of course, I have snapped several times and flat out asked him to get rid of the dog. He says that he won't, under any circumstances. And yet, he hardly ever walks or feeds her and sometimes even hits her. Yeah, she's real important to him.

Do you guys think I'm right in asking him to do this or have I crossed a line? What would you do in this situation?
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Guys, Would you get rid of your dog for your girl?
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