Guy stares at me but avoids eye contact?

There's a guy in my class and i said hi to him and he looked at me and said hi back. However, if i walk up to him to talk he just avoids eye contact. Now for some reason he's always been staring at me since the 8th grade when i wasn't looking. It's really weird because he can talk to other people easily including girls but with me he just goes all quiet. Last year his friends kept saying that he liked me and asked me out multiple times. I went to ask him but he sai that he wasn't staring nd that he doesn't like me. I still caught him staring at me in different situations later and he still couldn't even say hi right. He just kept looking down! A few years before I had kept telling him that I didn't like him and if anyone said anything they were lying or just spreading rumors. Now we're in highschool and he can look at me when i say something from across the room but he can't look at me when i'm by him. Also he avoids being by me sometimes. I don't get it. If he dislikes me so much then why do his friends keep telling lies and why does he keep staring when i'm not looking. He's usually really outgoing though. Help plz?
Guy stares at me but avoids eye contact?
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