Why do guys stare at me but act not interested?

At work, many of the guy coworkers act uninterested in me but I always catch them staring at me at random times. When I walk by them, they avoid eye contact and act like they don't care that im walking by but when im turned around from behind or I'm not looking, ill catch them looking. Some guys look away fast, others just keep looking but its never fast enough.

There's this one guy who always avoids eye contact when walking by me but when im turned around digging in my locker, ill turn around and catch him looking at me. He never looks away fast enough. He did it today when I was digging in my locker. I walked in the room and his head was down. I went in my locker and turned around he was looking right at me. I wasn't expecting that. He slowly looked away but as I was walking out the room I can see him watching me walk out from the reflection on the TV.
Another guy stares at me when he thinks he's at a good distance and I can't see him. He stares at me from behind and the front. Like in a car with tinted windows or far far away behind something for minutes. He's the longest I've had a guy stare at me. He avoids eye contact and asks like he doesn't care about me.
Why do guys stare at me but act not interested?
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