Are guys afraid of confident girls who dont give a f?

Okay im a sophomore in highschool, and i used to be insanely insecure, im at this new school for 10th grade, new neighborhood no ones knows me here, and within the last 7 months or so I've gotten really confident, I used to be in a bad abusive situation and i was very different but i have worked insanely hard to be more confident and I actually feel like it and others see it but im not cocky or arrogant. Im very friendly, and energetic, sometimes even weird lol but idc what others think because im not hurting anyone so why should it matter?

My real question here, are boys especially in high schoo, afraid of us confident girls? Like the boys i see mainly whisper about me among their friends (they're sophomores or juniors) when i walk by, i walk as some people say (like a model)? i dont think so but okay lol and im always being told by one of those group of boys "oh my friend said he likes you" and i just shrug it off because itsa joke obviously and i dont like being played for a fool lol. I've roasted damn there the entire football team single handedly, and one of their guy friends liked me a lot and still does but won't admit it (hes too arrogant) and I've had to slightly humiliate him to keep his ass in check. I compliment some guys who are hot, even girls (as im bisexual and finally accepted it!) , i even boldly ask guys for their numbers, im just not scared the worst they could say is no and if you dont try you never get anywhere :/ Some of the guys run away at school or will tell their friends to run because im "crazy" or "weird."

They look like they wanna say something to me, they just stare at times but never say much, and beng friends with them is kinda hard or just being friendly lol Are they afraid of me? they're only like this with me, even my crush was!
Are guys afraid of confident girls who dont give a f?
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