My boyfriend has been distant for about a week?

I feel like my boyfriend is acting distant but i also feel like it’s all in my head and I’m just clingy and miss spending time with him. Last week he texted me everyday that i went to work and on Wednesday he texted and called me and we talked all day and he said “we will definitely see each other on Friday” Thursday he came over my house and he hugged in me , we kissed, held hands the whole time he was there and he asked me did i wanna go to the movies tomorrow (Friday ) i said yes and he asked could i pay because he has been short on money.
I said sure then i asked him if he wasn’t busy on Saturday could i come over he said he would let me know. When Friday came he texted me two hours before the movie started and said he couldn’t go because something came up and he apologized. He asked me how my day was and how i was doing.
I texted back and said “it’s alright are we still on for tomorrow so i can come over your house” he never answered my text so Saturday i called him and he never answered my call and he still hadn’t answered my text. So i figured he was busy.
The next day (Sunday) he texted me and asked how i was doing i said i was doing good and i asked him how was work going and what happened to us hanging out yesterday he said “i was busy I’m so sorry” so Monday and Tuesday we’re alright he texted me both days while i was at work and he came to my job and sat with me on my break on Tuesday.
But yesterday and Wednesday he wasn’t really texting back so i had a gut feeling something was wrong and he never answered i asked him was he okay , was i bothering him, did he still want to talk to me because he seemed distant these past few days” and he never answered He answers all my other text but when i ask him if something is wrong or is he alright he doesn’t reply
My boyfriend has been distant for about a week?
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