My boyfriend has too many female friends?

we’ve been together for 10 months today, and we’ve been through a lot of stuff. When we started dating he kept following and adding totally random girls on instagram and snap, even girls he didn’t know. He also followed a lot of ig models and girls like that, following victoria secrets models or asking in models pages “what’s the name of this model?” even when we had been dating for 3-4 months. I asked him and he apologized, he even unfollowed all of them. Then he wrote me a paragraph saying he was so sorry, and he was doing that bc the only thing he had in his mind were girls all the time. So I forgave him and nothing more happened until recently. Now he doesn’t follow too many girls, but he made another acc for “close” friends -I’m included too. I asked him who they are (bc he doesn’t follow them on his personal acc) and he said they were friends of friends and that I shouldn’t worry about it. He actually tells me when he’s gonna follow a new girl I don’t know, and he tells me I shouldn’t worry.
-I don’t care about his friends, it’s just bc he mostly has female friends. Like, if he has 80 friends; 70 are female friends. It’s kinda odd to me but I still want to trust him. What makes me worry is, why doesn’t he add male friends? even he says they’re friends of friends, they are still girls. He doesn’t have males as “friends of friends”. And he text a LOT of girls on snap, like all his social media is practically girls. It’s kinda strange to me but I don't know what to think.
He also always send me very long paragraphs every day, saying he loves me and he’ll never leave me. But I don't know it’s my instinct telling me, that he’s a bit different now. I don’t know how to explain it, like kinda distant? He has a free week now and he preferred to watch the TV instead of spending time with me.
What does this mean? Is he loosing interest on me?
My boyfriend has too many female friends?
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