I asked him to hangout, so now did I ruin my chances with him?

I have liked this guy for like a year. He seems pretty shy. He shows me that he likes me back, and I figure he is the kind to take things slow. Fine with me...but how slow? If we have been flirting, etc for SEVERAL months, at what point do you expect to move forward?

I sent him a text and asked him to hangout sometime. He didn't reply either way. If he didn't want to, he could have easily said so...being text and all. I know he got the text cause then I didn't see him for a couple days. He usually comes around and says/does something. Thankfully he realized after a few days that I do still exist and comes by, has even went out of his way and walked by where I was and waved, but in any case won't look at me anymore when he is around me, except a quick glance when he thinks I don't see him. I feel rejected now.

Could I have really ruined my chances with this guy just because I asked him to hangout? I just don't understand why he is acting this way. He makes me feel like I did something wrong. Isn't it natural to want to spend time with someone you have liked, especially for a long time?

Has any guy done this, and if the girl just backed off (after that one possible fateful text) did you end up coming around again? I'd hate to think I ruined several months of progress over a text to hangout and talk.
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Well, I took a chance and sent a follow-up text explaining myself. In the text I made sure he knows what my intentions were in sending the text, and because I like him. I also apologized if I had offended him. I was trying to have both bases covered.
I asked him to hangout, so now did I ruin my chances with him?
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