Should I delete him from Snapchat?

I've been talking to this one guy for months, but we never hang out. We Snapchat consistently but it never turns into a date or hanging out even though he lives 15 minutes away.
He invited me twice and ends up not going through with the plans. I've even invited him to bars and he would tell me he doesn't drink.
At our local bar, I let him know I was going there and he told me he was going too. Throughout the whole night, he didn't leave my side and he told a mutual friend how he has been nervous about seeing me and that he really likes me, in person, he doesn't seem like a player. He invited me again to go do a picnic at the beach on that same day around the same time we were supposed to go together he snaps me with his friend and throughout the day he barely talked to me.
I SNAPPED, I called him out on always being flakey and told him how upset I was. He saw my message and then didn't respond. No apology, no explanation, nothing. I really like him but I don't tolerate disrespect.
Is it extreme of me to delete him off Snapchat and unfollow on Instagram
Should I delete him from Snapchat?
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