Why won't he stop staring?

hello! So since the start of the school year I've noticed a classmate are of mine keeps on staring at me.. And he doesn't even hide it he keeps in staring at me no matter where I'm in the room. When someone else is talking he dosn't turn around and look at them,, but when I do he's staring like crazy. I don't know if he's into me ( I'm not into him. he's not my type) or there's just something on my face 24/7.

Before we started winter break we had to make these small "happy new year" cards for each other (it had to be anonymous) and before I handed mine in, he legit didn't take his eyes off it just so when they were handed out he would get mine. (sorry I'm trying to explain as best as I can).

And I don't know what to really do cus he's starting to piss me off with his constant staring. and whenever we have to work in pairs (i always sit alone) he turns around and glares as a way to say 'let's work together' I always say I'll work alone cus I can't work well in groups. and when I am forced to work with him, he calls me 'ma'am' like wtf? he's like those Reddit white knight fedora, nice guys.

anyway in conclusion I don't know if he's into me or what. should I tell him to stop?
Why won't he stop staring?
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