Why do girls fake a pregnancy to their boyfriends or ex boyfriends?

Why do girls fake a pregnancy or a late period to their boyfriends or ex boyfriends? What do they hope to achieve and what do they want? What do they expect to happen once the man finds out it is false or the man reveals that he knew she was lying the whole time and he was just playing along?

My brother has an ex girlfriend who was faking a pregnancy. He knew she was lying and he played her game and pretended that she actually was pregnant and stayed calm. She finally gave in and said "I can't keep this up anymore . I am not pregnant."


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  • Well, I've had a few late periods and would be really scared/worried! It's a very scary situation to be in especially when there aren't many people to talk to about it with. Like, I don't want to tell anyone until I know for sure but in the meantime I'm still worried and need to share my worry with someone. So, why not share with the other half of the potential CONCEPTION, ha ha!

    So, don't always assume a girl is FAKING. You have to look at the entire relationship/person before making that judgement.

    HOWEVER, it IS telling how a man reacts. So, if you're in that situation, make sure you are honest with the woman.


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  • I think the main reason for a girl to fake a pregnancy would be to get attention from her guy or it could be to mend a hard relationship. When a girl feels like her guy is slipping away from her or is no longer feels like he pays enough attention to her, she'll try to fake a late period/pregnancy to at least hope for some reasonable response from her boyfriend.

    I think they expect the guy to be worried and react with much care and concern (sometimes that's not the case as some guys may not care at all, depends on the person).

    If a guy knew his girlfriend is faking the whole situation, then the girl would either admitt to being wrong and be straight forward. OR it could be that they'd just keep going with their false story ( as she might be craving some serious attention from her guy).

  • that would be a desperate attempt for attention or to make him stay. She's afraid she is going to lose him for good, and that is the only thing she can think of to make him stay. Orrrr. some girls use that as a "test" to see how the guy would react if it really DID happen. If he freaks out and leaves her, then she realizes he wasnt worth the time. However, there are much easier/painless ways of going about this. uh TALK about this stuff before you crawl into bed with em!

  • 1.it is possible that she actually thinks or thought she was pregnant

    2.she is a clingy psycho (kidding)

    3. she truly likes this person and is afraid of losing them and feels that a pregnancy will keep them together

  • i know what you mean in a way wen girls fake it they do it to see if their boyfriend care about them and most girls like it wen the guys act like they gonna be by there side, girls like that really want a family.. like me I dnt want kids. I want to travel with my friends and boyfriend to hawii and paris etc.

    but there's a big but.. DNT GET THE FAKE GIRLS CONFUSED WITH THE GIRLS THATS SCARED AND WANT TO TELL THEIR LOVING Boyfriend TO MAKE IT BETTA, but if a girl keep doing it that might be a sighn.. so guys look out for the signs... and guys be smart.. if you have sex with a girl in feb and she call you 3 wks lata you knw and we knw she not pregant she just want attention

    • Your English and writing skills are very bad (or almost nonexistent). Seriously, you need to work on that.

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    • You are welcome

    • You can actually tell by three weeks if you are pregnant

  • Not always is it on wanting attention or whatever, it can be tha you have missed periods and obviously the first person you are going to share the news with is the other half. Ok, you might not know for certain but sometimes its better to 'fear the worst' then let it go. To ensure you are both more ready then you would be if your girlfriend said she thought she was and isn't, making her other half feel relieved then find out months later that actually its true.


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