Guys, why do you like being refereed to as 'daddy' and being rough in bed?

My partner is the sort of man who possesses dominance, charisma and is the center of attention when he walks into any room, as cliche as it sounds much like Christian Grey.

At home in particular the bedroom he refers to me as his girl or baby girl and I address him as daddy. We very closely adhere to they roles of a dominant male and submissive female within our daily lives. My boyfriend has always been rather rough in bed, having this not been the first time he's drawn blood with me. He recently bit the cartilaginous part of my ear causing me to whimper and tear up, though we continued on and he bit the lobe of my ear to the point where he pierced it with his teeth, It wasn't till we had finished I looked at my ear as the cartilage was throbbing that i had noticed my ear lobe. He was sincerely sorry and apologized.

He is constantly biting my lips, neck, ears, ass, chest and nipples.
my back is covered in fingernail scratches and scars along with my hips.
my ass is black and red from all sorts of rough handling.

I don't understand why he does such things. I've tried asking him many a time, though he says he can't explain it. Its just part of who he is, he doesn't know why he enjoys it.

If there are any men out there who are similar or if anyone has their own theories or similar experiences it would be greatly appreciated if you'd be so kind as to share.
Guys, why do you like being refereed to as 'daddy' and being rough in bed?
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