Why do most men never admit that they’re attracted to blondes?

I think that men who says they don’t have a thing for blondes , lie like women when they say they don’t have a thing for taller men.
( ofc some men might be serious just like some women might truly like short guys but it’s EXTREMELY RARE)

However If you ask a guy, what’s his favorite hair color on women, most of them will either reply that they don’t have preferences or that they prefer brunettes, during a study 60% of men say that they prefer brunettes, but my motto is « watch what they do, not what they say ».

During a social experiment, many people noticed that a blonde woman will get 3x times more likely than a brunette and a redhead to be accosted by men.
I also once decided to try it my self and I was SHOCKED cause That's when things started to change. Men truly liked me more. They were warmer and kinder, and acted as if their duty was to protect me. They were more likely to offer to do things for me, like carrying my bags, opening doors, offering free help (note that I didn’t changed my make up, cloths, weight and attitude) I was EXACTLY THE SAME, except ofc my hair color.

The thing is that many blondes don’t notice how much they live life on an easy mood, compared to brunettes, redheads and women of color.

Men that says they prefer prefer brunettes or that they don’t care about hair color are either liars, or they just can’t control or remember the way they act and think around them.

I notice so many times that a brunette have to be at least a 7/10 to be considered pretty while a blond blue eyed woman who’s a 5 can easily beat her

Now there’s nothing wrong about it, cause you guys are free to love blondes just like women are free to love taller men. But why do you deny this so much? Deep inside I feel that you just say you prefer brunettes because there’s many of them, and they will be more likely to refuse to let you have sex with them, if they learned that they’re a seconde choice.
Why do most men never admit that they’re attracted to blondes?
Why do most men never admit that they’re attracted to blondes?
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