Does it mean he lost interest?

I know this guy from Tinder for 5month, and we date 3times, every dates are great, the 3rd date he stayed in my place, we had dinner together, made love, everything seemed normal; we kissed goodbye the next morning, but after that, he nearly lost contact.
He said he's gonna take a holiday with family, he said just weekend, but it changed to be 10days unexpectly, i wanna call him one day, but he refused with the reason he's in the same room with mom, and he said he will talk to me when he back, during holiday he rarely text me.
when he back, he said he also missed me, but when i want to talk to him, he still refuse with the reason he's tired. it's been near half month we didn't talk, I don't know if it means he lost interest.

before that change, we text frequently, and video chat somtimes. in the very begining, he said he wanna take me to holiday one weekend, even if we were not familiar with each other at that time, he said the first person he wanna see after quarantine is me. and every time we date, he must drove 1h to my city, I really like him, but I don't know what should i do after that change.
Does it mean he lost interest?
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