Does he like me or her... i'm confused?

So up to now I thought my guy friend likes me. But I think he may like another friend of ours? she has a boyfriend though and I'm 95% sure he knows too, plus they're different religions so he knows it would never work with her.

anyways this is how he is with each of us:

-texts me back instantly (within a minute)
-stares at me
-hangs out with me for 7+ hours alone (we've hung out like this 10+ times now)
-VERY touchy with me (not the whole time, but a few times during our hangout)
-recently he put his arm around me during a movie for a little bit
-sometimes he gets shy with me. but he is overall confident with everyone though
-complimented me on my shoes/socks lmao
-will sometimes ask me if I wanna grab lunch or come over to his place to hang
-he got mad when another guy was looking at us (pretty sure the stranger was looking at me, but it upset my guy friend some reason)
-tries to be near me

-texts her back sometimes fast and sometimes not (like 30min or more)
-stares at her too
-hangs out with her but for 2-3 hours
-NOT touchy with her. has never tried to touch her (according to her)
-tries to be near her sometimes too
-complimented her on her outfit once
-recently he asked her to go out to eat at a restaurant somewhat far away (I read the texts, it was like he was asking her out)... he's never used language like that with me. AND he's never asked her anything like that before. Why did he do it now? if that was his intention he could've asked her out weeks or months ago. Was he trying to make me jealous? I don't get it

ALSO, they've been friends for 6 months longer than me and are way closer I feel.

I can add more details if needed, but didn't want this to be too long
Does he like me or her... i'm confused?
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