I joined this new school 2 months and a super cute guy i've never talked to just keeps staring, why?

This is quite detailed, Id really appreciate it if you read it all and answer me honestly..
Hey guys, so I joined a new school 2 months ago, and there's this one guy who I think is so cute and he keeps on staring/glancing at me, he doesn't smile, but he raises his eyebrows. Whenever Im answering questions in class, most of the time he stares at me even though he sits like 1 seat away from me, or like if other girls near my side are talking he looks at them, I feel like its so he can kinda look at me from a peripheral view (because if girls from the opposite side answer questions he barely looks there).
One time I even was walking past him and his friends, and he must've heard my voice from the back of the room, and so when I was walking, he looked behind and he kept on staring at me, even twisting his head around when I was I walking past him, and still staring. I catch him looking at me from a distance sometimes in the library. He isn't really the type to look or stare girls from a distance or up close lots, unless theyre friends, but somehow I catch his attention if Im near him. I even remember just a few days ago, when we were waiting to go to class, he sat at a chair that faced towards and aligned to me, I was standing up though and there was lots of other places he couldve stood up at, plus he was leaning in quite close and then when I looked up, he looked at me too and when I walked past him he was looking at me for a bit.
Another instance is when I was waiting to go off the bus we made eye contact once, and then again and he let me past him by gesturing with his head and he decided to walk behind me not letting anyone off afterwards, and he isn't really the type to let others off before him, only if theyre friends but then thats rare too, This has happen twice but the first time he kind of smiled and looked up at me for a bit, I can't tell if he was smiling but he looked like it. he's so cute and I really like him but dont know if he likes me back.
I joined this new school 2 months and a super cute guy i've never talked to just keeps staring, why?
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