My friends with benefits bought me a gift. Why did he behave this way?

So I've met up with him. He gave me a hug and kissed me. And had the gift in his hand. So he asked me what I'm doing this weekend as he wants us to go book a room like we always do. And we just talked and he is like :'You look sexy!' with a smile on his. So he handed me the gift (it's a t-shirt) he bought me. So he was like :'Here but don't open it now, open it at home please' and I was so excited to see cause I love clothes and I was wondering he maybe knew I love clothes (any girl does) that's why he bought a t-shirt (fitted croptop) lol so he gave me a kiss puts his arms around my waist and went down for my ass and hugged my ass and kissed me and he got hard asap just there lol. So his like :'See here what you do? That's what you do to me. I got hard asap' and I smiled.

He gave me the gift and kissed me before he went home. So he gave me a kiss and and looked at me and said :'I love you' and he smiled looking at me.

I'm like :'Dude what is wrong with you?' so he just laughed. Because it isn't the first time he told me that. Well it's not the first time he said it during sex too but he said it softly that I almost couldn't hear. And now for the first time in my face loud and clear.🤭 I got home and opened the gift it was a mustard colour fitted crop top with the slogan 'Friends' on it. You guys know how popular these shirts have become. Everyone almost wears it but when I go shopping I've never wanted to own one because everyone does. So guys the meaning behind this gift. What do y'all think? He bought me a friend's Tshirt😂😂
Thats actually me wearing it
That's actually me wearing it
I wanted to exchange it as I told him but I thought be grateful for what he has done. It's okay. I love the colour anyway and it looks good on me too.
My friends with benefits bought me a gift. Why did he behave this way?
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