Guy updated his dating profile pic?

I have been chatting with this guy I met online and he has expressed how much he likes me and wants to meet. We have been chatting for almost a week non stop and he said he was planning to come and visit me (we live 1hr away) but they took away his driving license. We have been flirting heavily through texting and most of the time I would initiate conversations but he was always reciprocating. We talked last night and he said good night hope you have some wet dreams about me and if you do share them. I texted him the next day saying I hope he had some wet dreams about me and he replied "I'm still daydreaming" with lots of emojis. I replied back saying it's hard to concentrate when I'm thinking of what I want to do to him. He hasn't replied so far but I checked and realized that he has updated his dating profile. He changed his picture to one where he seems a bad ass (we had a discussion about whether he is a good or bad boy). This is the only means we are connected and just today I wanted to upload a picture to show him more of me so not sure if this is what he is also doing. The fact that he hasn't responded to me yet but updated his profile makes me worry whether he has lost interest or just playing. He usually responds to me after lots of hours and I wasn't bothered until I saw he has been active on the app. Why would he tell me I'm still daydreaming and seem excited the previous night and then not even reply to my message but go straight to the app? I'm confused.
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No reply yet, just confused if I did stg to turn him off- he also in the past not replied for over a day but always says I'm sorry I was busy. My gut feeling tells me he isn't gonna reply especially since he updated his dating profile pic.
Guy updated his dating profile pic?
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