Guys, would you ever hit a woman?

Even if she hit you first would you haul off and belt her?
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I dated a girl who was abused by her parents. Despite all the abuse she was kind and sweet and had a great outlook on life. She mat have been bipolar because once in a while she would get drunk and abuse me. She would say the most awful things to me and sometimes she would hit me. I used to just put my arms around her and restrain her until she calmed down. I knew she was in pain and I never wanted to hit her. She had enough of that in her life.
27 d
One night she got away from me and hit her head. It was bleeding pretty good and I was freaking out. I did not want to call an ambulance. Finally I got it under control. We talked about her seeing a therapist and she agreed. A couple of weeks later I asked her if she found a shrink yet because I told her I would go with her if she wanted. She told me she felt fine and didn't need one. I told her that if she started abusing me she had to go an abuse somebody else. That was the last time I ever sa
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saw her. She was living with a friend and her boyfriend and after she never answered my voicemails I drove over to see her and they told me she moved out and was living with friends. I think they kicked her out. Soon after I moved to a new place and never heard from her again.
Guys, would you ever hit a woman?
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