How do I get over this?

Recently my guy friend has been distant from me and a few months ago I found out he liked me. But then when he started becoming distant he began to act mean towards me too and I was asking him why and what I’ve done to caused his behavior to change.

I talked to my male cousin about it who is also friends with him and he talked to the guy, come to find out he likes someone else now and kept quiet about it. I’ve literally wasted my time on him trying to fix our friendship just for it to turn out that he likes another girl and using her to get over me.

I don't know who the other girl is, but I feel like she might be his old co-worker who he had a crush on and when she left he started talking to me more etc.

He’s basically that type of person who talks to multiple girls and have a bunch of crushes but can’t make up his mind on who he wants to date. I can’t stand guys who confuse themselves by having several options and can’t settle with one freakin girl and wasting the other ones time. Like if you’re not ready for her leave her alone.

It makes me have trust issues with men now. I know it’s not all but I’ve dealt with that shit before with men who can never be honest and upfront. Then wonder why none of the girls want him.

And I have to see him at work everyday, how do I stay away from him?
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And I don’t wanna hear that he has the right to keep his options open. It’s fine as long as the other girls know about it so they don’t think they’re the only one when really they’re not. It’s very wrong and fucked up.
How do I get over this?
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