Should I keep making an effort?

I started talking to this guy a few months ago, but ghosted him cause I wasn’t interested (bad, I know). Anyway, we started talking again mid last month and we were both quite into each other, but we’re both stuck in lockdown so can’t meet.

He’s stopped putting in effort out of nowhere, and barely texts me throughout the day now. He says it’s cause he isn’t using snapchat much, but I dunno. Everyone’s different, and I wanna believe him, but when I do that to guys, it’s cause I’m losing interest.

We get along really well and have stuff in common, and if we meet it’d be incredible, but I don’t wanna waste time or get hurt. And cause we haven’t met, I feel like I can’t ask him where I stand. Should I keep making an effort? Or just leave it? I really do wanna meet him, but that probably won’t happen for at least another month or a little less.
Keep making an effort
Stop talking to him
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Should also add, I’m not sure if I’m overthinking but it’s just cause a similar thing happened to me with the last guy I was talking to.
Should I keep making an effort?
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