Guys, are there ANY positives to not being a tall man?

Guys, are there ANY positives to not being a tall man?
Men of GAG: Are there any actual positives to being a non-tall man?

In the interest of being more neutral, I don't want to say "short," even though that's kinda what I mean. Men who are somewhat short/short-ish. Like 5'8" to 5'11" (173-182 cm). Are there any positives to being this non-tall? I see those numbers and all I think of is femininity. Like, that's how tall most women should be, ideally. Males that height I think of as being like 11 or 12 years old. Maybe 13 or 14, too.

I literally know none of them. To me, it's the worst of both worlds. You're small, weak, and feminine, like most women. But you're not light, agile, and nimble, like super-short guys (5'7"/170 cm and under). I utterly despise being such a shit-tier size. It's like, everyone sees you as feminine, dainty, and weak, but because "shorter men exist out there," you're "not allowed to complain about it." Also, being a coward is seen as the default for men like this. I'm very headstrong and courageous and never back down from anything, but most other guys in my shitty height range (180) expect cowardice and fleeing from danger to be the norm. As well as other shitty things in life, like mediocrity, which I have no respect for. I think mediocrity is far worse than outright failure. At least you feel shame with obvious failure and hope to improve. Mediocre people just accept their failure as "good enough" because it's not aa obvious. The same applies to human men with the same aspect. I always wanted to be great, not genetic mediocrity/a subtle failure of humanity.

Anyway, that's my rant. Is there any positives to being genetically mediocre/short-ish as a man?

The pic is just the closest thing to the subject I had on my phone.
Guys, are there ANY positives to not being a tall man?
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