Why can't I feel anything when I have sex?

I lost my virginity yesterday but I'm really scared that there's something wrong. In the past I've been given handjobs, and the girl I was with yesterday gave me a bj and they've all felt really good but I've never been able to finish unless I've been doing it to myself...

So when the time came yesterday, I lasted about 5 minutes (we tried different positions) before I pretended to finish cause I felt really bad. I couldn't even feel myself inside her when we were doing it (I literally couldn't feel anything touching my dick), and I'm convinced that she knows I was lying about finishing and I feel awful about it all.

I don't know what's going wrong, I don't think I'm asexual because I really want to do it, but I just can't feel anything unless I'm doing it to myself and I don't know how to fix that...
Why can't I feel anything when I have sex?
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