Did he get mad at me?

I met a guy online. He's almost two years older than me and we're from different countries.

We've been chatting every single day until now. At first, we were being so formal, polite and a little bit awkward but as day went by, we were having fun and we even became comfortable and enjoyed spending time with one another. It's been a month since we first exchanged messages and we've been talking nonstop about fun topics, serious matters, and even things that don't make any sense.

After a while, we admitted that we like each other. We remain friends after that but sometimes he's joking about us dating.

This night tho, we've discussed a little bit serious topic about our own issues. And then he said 'I caught feelings for sure' and I got confused and told him I didn't get it and that he didn't need to understand. He greets me good night to end the convo and now, I'm left more confused. I admit I'm often slow. Now, I'm overthinking.
Did he get mad at me?
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