Is his reaction normal?

I was seeing a guy for few weeks and it was going really well. Last time I saw him we had the best time but we also drank a lot and without proper pacing and he insisted I keep up with him. He was saying really nice things how he is comfortable with me and I’m the best sex he’s had he wanted to spend the night. So all was great! Until during sex my intoxication level became higher and without realizing at all I threw up around him he was laying on bed and I was on top so got some on him he acted fine but wanted to keep going but probably we should’ve stopped a bit because unfortunately it happened a second time. That’s when he snapped and decided to leave I was so drunk I tried to convince him to stay and I was v embarrassed and feeling bad as this never happened to me I was trying to understand if he is not going to meet up again but he kept saying just message when sober. The next morning I sent messages apologizing and asking if I could make up for it. And his response was that he blocked me without saying anything! I tried to reach out again explaining my side and how bad I felt but he blocked a second time.
I know what I did was bad but is his reaction normal? Is there anything I could’ve done?
Is his reaction normal?
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