Do my coworker has a thing for me?

here's what he does. Please give me your opinion! Cuz I need them!

1️⃣ he always try to initiate conservation with me like " what are you doing "
2️⃣ he always near me. He comes near me when there's many room for him. So near that our shoulders may touch.
3️⃣ he use my name so frequently.
4️⃣ once I put my right hand on his hand in the table accidentally as I was so busy talking to an other coworker and he was welcoming and didn't put his hands away.
5️⃣ he always try to offer an helping hand. One day also. I was using the Google map in our centre and he came to room saying * "my name* had you lost someone? You are using the map* then pull out an chair set near me. When he set down his legs were shaking he was looking to my face struggling with Google map. He leans in to tapping the place for me... There's another coworker whom came to room that wanted to help me too. The next coworker was talking standing I look at him as my hand accidentally brush against my coworker's bread and he was still in place not moving away.
6️⃣ he may came to my way and says my name struggling to look at me then move on walking doing his business
7️⃣ last week He was so loud that we can hear from far 🤣 When I passed by the room he was with others he completely shuts down as the second I passed by the room which confused me that i didn't enter the room

HE ain't saying anything because I believe cuz he is a family member of mine which He believes that isn't appropriate to make a move on since My father introduced us in my work place when he came visit me...

What do you think? Do he like me or not? Should I ask him or not. I do have crush on him till now. I am afraid that I am overlooking the signs.
Do my coworker has a thing for me?
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