I'm being dumb right?

simple - i had to pick between two guys back in February. i liked one more than the other but i didn't think he liked me so i became the girlfriend of the other one. i'm in deep with this man and he makes me look into our future together.

the other guy started to mess around with my other friend (i'm pretty close with them) and i found out from the girl. listen, i have no issue with this but i will not lie to myself and say i don't have a tiny bit of a crush still on him. CRUSH not meaning i want to date him by any means.

well this girl is into him - and she updates me on him all the time and im like lowkey a little disturbed by it. but i always cheer her on and say get that dick because you go girl. keep in mind im still friends with this other guy as we were friends first before anything else.

well, this guy has passed the class im taking right now and on numerous occasions asked him if he was able to help me with studying for this class. on numerous occasions he has stood me up and went to go fool around with the girl. i've told my boyfriend about this and he also said thats not what a friend does.

before this started happening, i had a chat with him and obvi i wanted to see who he likes because we were snapping once and he said 'well i just found out the girl i like got a boyfriend' and at the time i thought my friend had started dating someone. but he said he didn't like her.

but now im sitting her all confused - why would you say you didn't like her but stand a friend up in need to be with her.

i'm sorry im just venting because it happened again tonight and i dont want to talk my friends' ear's off about this again.

i feel a. little bad though because everytime they hang out, they are always in her room and always end up fooling around.
but i also don't want my friend to be used as a booty call when she genuinely likes the guy but i also feel it isn't my place to say anything. i want her to be happy.

am i just being dumb?
I'm being dumb right?
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