Opinions on this? Overreacting?

So me and my crush watch movies every other night and we stream them on discord where I’m on my PC and he’s on his. At about 1:30 am he switches to his phone if we’re still watching something. When he switches to his phone however he mutes himself and says “its late” but we keep watching the movie. I don't know why I didn’t find it weird until today that saying “its late people are asleep” is a cheap excuse bc he was just talking 2 mins ago and suddenly he switches to his phone and his excuse for not speaking and muting himself on discord during the movie is “its late” and I called him out on it today cuz I actually like talking to him during the movie and hearing his voice and I asked him since every time he says the same things and I said like “its been two minutes how is it just suddenly late and u need to mute yourself” and he then said he didn’t like the quality of the mic on his airpods which is I’m guessing the real reason why he mutes himself. He apologized and admitted it was a lame excuse and said he just didn’t like the mic quality on his airpod mic and said sorry again. I’ve noticed he really messes up a lot when he talks and gets very confused as well but I can always count on him. He’s also proven to be a very good guy but that kind of little excuse doesn’t leave the back of my mind. Is this something I’m overthinking?
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Simple recap bc I reread and noticed it might’ve been a bit confusing. He automatically mutes his audio when he switches to his phone as we watch the movie if it gets too late and I ask him why mute himself out of a sudden when we were speaking like 5 mins ago on PC and his response is usually “its late and people are asleep I don’t wanna wake them” but heck he was talking 2 mins ago. He then said “I actually don’t like the mic quality on my airpod and apologized as realized what he has no sense
Opinions on this? Overreacting?
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