Guys, is my married guy friend overly friendly or does he have an interest in me?

So my guy friend has recently been doing things and saying things that to me is a bit out of character for him. He is usually a shy guy, usually talks a lot about his family, on occasion mentions his wife etc etc. He and I would chat once in a blue moon. Mid February is where I started to see a difference in him. He would:
  • text me past 10pm... id get texts after midnight and close to 2am.. (a meme, or a video)... mind you what he texts could clearly wait until the next morning
  • some things he would send me has sexual undertones in it
  • he once sent a disappearing message that was poking fun at a clumsy woman (she resembled his wife)
  • he would constantly check in on me and my child to see how we are doing
  • he opened up about his children's neurodivergent disorder
  • he told me he was getting a new phone and gave me his landline number (which in all 14 years I've known him he never gave me it) his reasoning... incase I need to get a hold of him urgently (but I never needed to in the past... like ever)
  • anything he hears that I am working on he offers up himself to help
  • he stopped mentioning his wife
  • he confided in me that if he didn't have kids he would have quit his job a long time ago and pursued another avenue
  • he would tell me when he was taking the kids to their grandfathers house (his wifes dad) but when he is there he would message me often, and would play an online game with me and my child
  • he would look for windows of time where he could play a game with me and my child online
  • in a conversation talking about how facepaced everything is he brought up that adults not only want to be young again but they want sex too (that caught me off guard)
Again I know this might sound like nothing. Thing is this guy admits to be super introverted, super socially awkward so for all of this to suddenly happen it makes me wonder.

Eitherwho what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance
Guys, is my married guy friend overly friendly or does he have an interest in me?
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