Guys, Why is he behaving like this after our breakup?

I broke up with him and he's cried about it, talked about wanting to be friends still.

He had me as a friend on fb and blocked me after I posted stuff about "exposing" something but I also talked about going out and meeting new people on one post and laughed at it.

A few days after, he randomly called me. First time I didn't answer second time I did (he called right back) and he wanted to know if I talked to other guys or not then said his "friend" from work asked to hang out with him and he wouldn't go if I hadn't started talking to anyone.

I've called him before then and he either answers or doesn't and said one time he was just angry and didn't want to talk to me.

Yet in one conversation he said he has mixed feelings about me. I caused him pain in the relationship and he still loves me. It's like an internal conflict with him. He says this but doesn't make the effort to keep me in his life.

He said he wants me in his life (because we were like best friends) but doesn't call or make and effort to hang out. He claimed the same reason above, he just feels mixed.

He still talks like he wants to know who I'm talking to or if I'll go back to talking to certain guys. He told me he didn't want to be a second option yet were not dating or even friends really. He said he doesn't think a relationship will work rn for us...

Maybe he does really feel like that but maybe it's just an ego thing and he's waiting for someone else to come into his life?

Guys, Why is he behaving like this after our breakup?
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