Why were they acting weird about seeing my cleavage?

So I’m in uni.

The guys I’m talking about aren’t young, one is defo over 23. The other was a middle aged man.

I’m a Muslim girl who’s in my 20s and we were doing our work and talking about the task during the workshop. I do dress modestly, although I don’t cover my hair, I do wear long dresses and wrap a scarf around my neck.

Today the dress I wore did have a lower neckline. Nothing crazy, just lower than what I would normally go for.

While I was talking to them I was leaning forward on to the table, because I know I don’t talk loud enough sometimes. While I’m talking both guys are listening to me but I see the middle aged guy looking directly at my chest and he was having trouble looking away and even gathering his thoughts. Now this guy is a bit more expressive with his facial expressions because he pulls that face often, but he was blatantly staring and and would turn away but carried on looking like he couldn’t help it.

I look at the other guy and he catches on as well. He’s also looking but trying to make the effort to not look and looking up at my face while I’m talking. He wasn’t half as awkward as the older guy but I could tell he was aware of it. It was honestly really awkward, I acted like I was looking down at my book and yeah, my boobs were on display a bit. Not a crazy amount but enough. I quickly flicked my scarf in front to cover my chest and sat up from then on. When they were on their break I made sure to pull my neckline up a bit.

Ok. So why act awkward? It was definitely awkward for me but honestly, I would have expected white men to kind of be desensitised to all this and it not be a big deal or something to be awkward about.

This was very embarrassing for me and I won’t be wearing that’s dress again, but I still find their reaction questionable as Western men.

Why were they acting weird about seeing my cleavage?
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