Does my ex wants me back or not?

My ex and I broke up 6 months ago. We continued to text and meet up for our pet, but there were two occasions that I initiated a no-contact and I told him I needed to move on from this relationship. He always break the no-contact, but when I asked, he did made said that I was just a friend.

About 2 weeks ago, he came back and texted me again. the night before he went on a long trip, he met up with me and gave me a tight hug. He was slightly drunk, saying he regretted (but didn't elaborate what he regretted about). He did tried to invite me to his home, but I was insistent that I would not be his friends with benefits. I asked if he was seeing/texting other girls, to which, he was honest and said that he almost slept with another girl but he stopped himself in time.

Throughout this 2 weeks of his trip, we were still texting on and off. However, I noticed that his replies are getting dry and he is taking very long to reply. Knowing him, he is someone who always have his phone on his hands, and he would Never take more than 1 hour to reply me when we were tgt.

I'm just starting to wonder if he is just connecting with me because he was bored/lonely/wanted a fuck buddy? or does he really want to properly rebuild smth with me? Please advise. thank you.

Does my ex wants me back or not?
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