Long story short I've been in my new job for almost a monthrr, a guy from work and I started getting really touchy touchy fast. There's obviously an attraction to one another. To the point where we would sneak off and kiss and most recently [DONT JUDGE] we messed around in my car during break. He ended up fingering me Now I don't ever do this.

He hasn't told me he has a girlfriend but I have the feeling he does. We were kissing in my car and at some point he pushed my head over to his neck to kiss. I said okay I don't want to leave you a mark and his response was yes that won't be good.

well Friday he needed up leaving me some marks on my neck.

Only time he even brought up the idea of hanging out outside of work was when he asked if I've been to the movies lately, I said yeah and he then said I haven't. He didn't ask to go see a movie

Now I do like this man, I just now feel like he seems me as easy or slutty for the things we have done but in reality I've only been with one guy. Due to the fact we work in the same place I feel like it's weird now. I've thought about quitting. Please any advice thoughts will help

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