I think the guy I like is backing away from me, am I reading into things?


As the title says, there's a guy I've seen in passing for a few months now. He's a regular bus driver I see to/from work, and I think we've made it clear to one another there's an attraction there. He does shifts and I'm set hours so it's not every day but often enough to familiarise ourselves.

We were a little bit flirty from afar, every time I'd see him he'd already be looking at me, he'd always catch my eye and smile at me, sometimes winking, visibly checking me out. Over time we've tried to catch each other for a few minutes to say hello and get to know each other, in the last few times we've seen each other he's stopped me to have a chat.

In our last conversation he got a bit more personal, asking what I did for work, age, that sort of thing. He seemed unfazed with what I told him. He said he'd be doing a different shift the next day but he'd see me again the rest of the week. The next time I saw him he was a little short with me, I got the impression he didn't want to chat that day so I didn't hang around, and kept moving. The day after, it was the same thing. And today, it was the same thing.

Usually when he sees me, he's smiling and looks genuinely pleased to see me, today he was looking everywhere except at me. When I could, I said a cheerful "Hi how are you" and he just said "Hi" and didn't look at me. It felt like a gut punch and I don't know why he'd be so chatty and open and be completely different the rest of the week.
Was I reading into things too much?

I think the guy I like is backing away from me, am I reading into things?
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