Why is my ex making himself look so desperate on Instagram after our breakup?

Unhelpful responses will just be removed, please don’t ask why I still care, I’m curious to know what the thought process is behind this.

My ex and I recently just broke up. He is a hair stylist and has a public page on instagram and for the last couple weeks has been following at least one girl a day and commenting on her photos. He has a private page he could do this on but chooses to do it on his business page. His comments look so desperate, he just uses the same comment and emoji on one photo, for every girl he follows.

He says it’s to get clients but it honestly just looks so weird and they never even follow him back. He also started this after he suspected I was speaking to other guys which I’m not really doing.

We work together and yesterday he was standing over me watching what I was doing on my phone. Kept staring at me, tapping me on the shoulder to speak to me. (We recently got into a huge fight and blocked each other but when he suspects I’m talking to someone he seems to start getting anxious).

Is he doing this for a reaction? It honestly just looks like he’s following every dark haired girl who looks like me, or the trampiest look ones and comments the same thing.
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*and this is something i always said I didn’t want done while we were together so it just seems like now that he’s single he’s going overboard but doesn’t seem to stop worrying about what I’m doing
Why is my ex making himself look so desperate on Instagram after our breakup?
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