If you're a guy and your name is this, this is probably your personality.

So, I made good on my word and made a male version of this: If Karen is the name for bossy entitled middle-aged white women, then what...

What it means to be an Alpha male or a Beta male

Someone on GAG recently answered a question about alpha males and beta males, and I thought that their answer was the most realistic one...

More random things I love when men do and/or find sexy

I did one of these a while back but I wanted to update it. I still think the same things from my last my take about it. 1. Sitting...

You are probably forcing yourself to feel unworthy

I write this for those who swallowed the pain of feeling bad about themselves, no matter how emotionally balanced they are they can’t...

The nice guy trope and it's everyone's problem

First of all, I want to explain what a "nice guy" is because it's a lot different then I think people realize. So here's a bit from the...

Why 99% of guys don't approach women and how helpful this mans speech was

This guy seriously pointed something out that is so unbelievably not spoken about, it isn't spoken about enough in schools, not enough...

Guys, how do you feel when you crush on a girl and hasn't seen her for long?

There's this shy guy has a crush on me. The last time we met was about a year ago, and I remembered the last thing happened before we no...

My crush unfollowed me on two social media platforms. What is going on?

My guy crush unfollowed me on Spotify THEN a later he unfollows me on instagram. What the heck is happening? Please help

Why would a guy gag user block me after I ask how does he look?

He obviously know how I looked, and complimented me before. But I’m not interested in him like that FYI. Just thought it’s weird cuz we...

Why does he always deflect when I bring up sex?

So long story short, my boyfriend and I been together for almost 2 years. Our sex life is consistent we have sex when we see one another...

Why do woman want older guys instead of a hot sexy dude like my age?

My girlfriend age (27) broke up with me for a 43 year old dude. What the fuck is this 50 shades of grey. Dude my ex girlfriend turn into...

So is he being mean cause he likes me or he just like that?

There's this guy at my work place and lately he's been acting different that I've noticed... These things started happening about two...

For guys about Snapchat?

What does it mean when guys will snap a girl he doesn't know with a peace sign amd tongue sticking out?

Is his post about me or his girlfriend?

He's my ex and we don't talk. He don't make efforts to reach out to me and I don't make efforts to reach out to him either. We do share...

Guys, As a man, do you respect women?

I met many disrespectful men in my life who I did nothing too that were super respectful to other women. I even respected them. I...

Why would he add me back on Snapchat? Should I accept it?

I was in a beach condo earlier last week because of my bday. I was there Mon- Wed, the guy wishes me happy bday on Monday but does not...

Do you think he may still be into me?

So 6 years ago I met this guy from university We were attracted to each other so started seeing one another We have kissed many times...

Do men care about there appearances more now, than ever?

Appearance I mean, clothing/grooming/diet/ physical fitness etc.

Is this man femmine?

Milo is 22 years old and deaf. He loves ballet dancing ( with women) and has long hair. He hates being deaf because it makes him feel...

Girls, is opening up or showing vulnerability as a guy endearing or weak?

Basically, do you like or do you not like it. Manly or unmanly. Please give me your input in the comments below :p I'll appreciate it...

Do you think being a beta or alpha male is taught/learned or were you born that way?

I’ve come to think of this based off of the transition between today’s guys whom I’ve had the pleasure to know. Some went alpha after...

Do some really get upset over men crying?

Disclaimers: I've never had a relationship, been rejected, nor have I recently lost anyone recently, everything I mention are just...