Why Tan Skin is Attractive


I'm not going to be PC or write a take that makes you feel good and me look like a "social justice savior" on the internet. Pale skin is ugly and it's culturally and biologically rooted in us to see it that way.

Tan skin's attractiveness to humans has evolutionary roots. However, in modern society (mostly in Asia), cultural norms have flipped this preference 180.

Pale Skin vs Tan Skin
Pale Skin vs Tan Skin

Why is tan skin attractive?

Let me explain. In Asia, pale skin is preferred because it was a "sign" of social status. If your skin was dark, that meant that you had a laborer job and spent hours outside toiling in the farming fields and sun. Hence, your skin became dark. Those with lighter skin were associated with nobility and wealth.

In the West, the cultural norm is the exact opposite. A big portion of the US is located latitudinally where the sun is weak for at least half of the year If your skin was dark, that meant that you were affluent and wealthy and could afford to spend time and money on vacations at warmer, more tropical places on the Earth and this showed in your skin color.

Pale vs Tanned
Pale vs Tanned

However, evolutionarily the West has it right. Dark skin is more attractive and the scientific reason behind this is quite simple:

Your skin is the most prominent sex organ on your body!

Tan Skin Couples
Tan Skin Couples

Foods high in Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids are antioxidants. We all know that antioxidants are super healthy for the human body. They also help maintain healthy skin. When the most prominent sex organ on your body looks healthy, you are going to look more attractive to the opposite sex. It's that simple!

One side effect of Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids is that they give your skin a "healthy glow" and darken your skin.

Tanned guys
Tanned guys

Hence, that is why tans are sexy and pale is not. That's why pale skin "looks unhealthy" to people. It's biologically rooted in us to see pale skin this way.

Culturally, it also means that you are healthy and strong enough to do outdoor activities. When you spend time outdoors, you tan. So, not only is this biologically rooted in humans but it is culturally rooted as well (at least in the West). Yes, I know this is the opposite thinking of Asia's cultural norms but they have it wrong. We got it right.

tanned guy, tanned girl
tanned guy, tanned girl

Why do we prefer Tan Skin?

Of course, there are exceptions to everything. There are guys who prefer fat girls but most do not. There are people (Asian culture) who prefer pale skin but most people do not.

On the plus side, the biological reasons for this preference means you can eat foods high in Carotenoids to give your skin a "natural glow" and tan. It won't be as dark as a suntan but it will look better than your standard pale skin.

hot tan guys
hot tan guys

Get off the internet and go play outdoors. It's healthier for you and your skin will show it. Of course, if you burn easily, use protection but don't overdo it.

* DON'T go out and tan, that is just stupid!

* DO go out and participate in outdoor activities and you'll naturally get darker.

Humans do need sun on our skin, it's how we make Vitamin D. Because most of us in the West work indoors for most of the day, there's actually a lot of people who don't get enough Vitamin D. Feel free to google that.

Tanned girl, before and after
Tanned girl, before and after

However, don't overdo the sun either! As with all healthy things, do it in moderation! There is always such a thing as too much of a good thing! Just don't believe these anti-sun quacks. As long as you do everything in moderation, you'll be fine and it's actually good for you.

Why Tan Skin is Attractive
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Most Helpful Girls

    it's not just Asian cultures that associated paleness with the middle and upper classes.

    europeans and americans always had the exact same thinking. i mean have you ever seen portraits and old photos? have you seen the marie antoinette exhibit?
    victoria? charlotte? elizabeth? rose? anne? mary?

    this dumbass tan trend wasn't even a thing until the 1960s.
    Marie_Antoinette pale skinWhy Tan Skin is Attractive

    yes the standard of beauty was pale, rosy cheeks with a tiny dainty mouth

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      why do westerners like to pretend that tanning was always a part of their culture?

      why do they say it's only Asians who appreciate skin that isn't baked?

      look at european and American history and how pale skin was the standard of beauty throughout the ages. i dare you.

    • Yes, you're right. In earlier times, the same logic behind Asians worshipping pale skin was the same as Europeans. During that time in Europe, if you spent time outside, it meant that you were working and a laborer. Since then, the economy and industry of Western society has advanced and its culture has changed along with it.

      Nowadays, we have machines farming our foods and the "peasant" class mostly works indoors. It's the wealthy class who can afford to go on vacations to warm, tropical beaches.

      Ironically, I think Asian culture *might* be following the same trend. Now that China (and other Asian countries) has become an economic superpower and its peasant class are working in factories instead of toiling outdoors, they (the younger generation) too are tanning while on vacation as much as Westerners.

      To reiterate, don't let the anti-sun people scare you. Sun in moderation is completely healthy and the side effect is that gorgeous healthy glow that most people love.


      i understand that a bit of early morning sun exposure is beneficial for vitamin d production but photoaging is something that caucasians especially should be aware of.
      if you have a genetic weakness or predisposition to something it's best to protect yourself as much as possible. at least to promote a healthy life.

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  • xxmamichulaxx
    Really pale skin can be super attractive on some people , so can tanned skin. If you're skin is naturally very light and mostly just burns, don't make a big deal on getting a tan , a lot of people like pale skin, that's why articles like this don't make much sense , it all comes down to personal preference.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Agree, don't go extreme in either direction. Moderation. Humans need sunlight, we evolved on this planet and given life by its star. The amount you need will depend on your melanin content, season, and latitude.

Most Helpful Guys

  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    I'm really white with really dark hair and male to boot and I've dated a crap load of girls. White chicks, Hispanic, one Asian and two half white half black girls. I don't have a problem with girls. I had friends who are really pale do good, lots of white chucks get chased so what's up with that. Why do men chase after white chucks and why do you see unattractive pale guys with cute girls. Mmmmmm.
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  • John_Doesnt
    You can't prove that something is more attractive than another. Especially something like color and tone.
    Is this still revelant?
    • That's incorrect. Wealth will always be more attractive than poverty (for almost everyone, yes, there's always exceptions). Therefore, attributes that symbolize wealth will be in good favor. How you dress, your hairstyle, your eyewear (if you wear glasses), the condition your body is in, how tall you are, etc. Is this shallow? Hell yes, but welcome to the real world. Just look at the media around us.

    • That's the most retarded thinking I've heard on this site today.

    • Retarded? Where's your evidence besides your retarded thinking? Look at social media like Instagram, SnapChat, TV, magazines, movies, etc., wealth will always be viewed upon favorably by the opposite sex and esp. by women.

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  • Iraqveteran666
    Personally I never found tan skinned any more attractive. In fact I like women with milky white skin.
    • That's wonderful! There are also men who find fat women attractive. There's exceptions to everything and to each their own!

    • Sarahr123


  • kaewk
    Melanin is beneficial yes, but your pigment does not determine your beauty. I used to tan because my family picked on me a lot for being so pale, I also contracted skin cancer sooo... Just be happy as you are, don't try to change it. My dermatologist told me "A tan is a pre-cancerous glow" needless to say, I went from being a kid who never took precautions to wearing sunscreen at night LMAO
    • I'm paler than pale being a redhead, my oldest daughter is olive skinned and my youngest is auburn, every summer out playing I'd shout them over and lather than in sunscreen, along with their little friends. 2 being of Arab descent.. I don't care what colour someone is, how naturally dark they go, I've grown up with red raw blistered because of the sun and kno every time I burn my chances of getting skin cancer increases, my job as an adult is to ensure my children or their little friends are protected by the sun.

    • A tan is sunburn anyway

  • molonski2
    Im in Asia so as you say its quite the opposite..
    How much of that white facial cream do you see on bank / office worker females on BTS skytrain? In Thailand , its all about class , perception of class anyhow , its very rare to see a female ( in particular ) not be concerned about having darker skin , for this represents Issan , and more often than not farm work. They may not make any more money rubbing all that cream , perfectly on their face but its been instilled to them since day 1 . For me , I used to really tan , as it was constant , days in the surf in Australia , or on the golf course. I still swim a lot , but forgetting any form of vanity , here when that really strong sun comes out , it just becomes common sense NOT to embrace it , because man you fry ! and quickly.
    I think its become an unusual , but maybe dieing quest from the West , older Europe still seems to embrace the tan , the young people? hmm , not so much.
    For me , the blonde girl in your example looks better white , it just matches her somehow. Still like a tinge of tan for myself , but dont actively pursue.
  • DJB72
    Culturally, tanning became popular in the mid 1920s when Coco Chanel popularised it.

    That would be in Europe. Where Europeans come from and where most pale-skinned Americans are ancestrally routed.

    In the USA it became popular later than Europe simply because the country was less culturally advanced in the west than the east coast and it took time for things to change across the backwoods of the country as it was still recovering from the effects of the American Civil War.

    Pale skin has, since the old testament was written around 4000 years ago, been the standard of beauty. It was seen as a sign of affluence - even people working outdoors in the northern part of Europe were a darker complexion than their relative aristocracies. In particular, women of pale complexion have for 39 of the last 40 centuries been considered more attractive.

    Even in Africa, tribal leaders who have spent their lives in the shelter of their homes while they sent others out to farm or hunt historically had paler skin than their lower classes, so paler-skinned individuals were considered more attractive because they were considered a higher social standing.

    That covers cultural issues.

    Genetically we're programmed to choose the most viable mate for procreation. For thousands of years as a species we have sought the best. The best, historically, was for men a body fat percentage of around 15%, for women around 20% and paler complexion.

    Since tanned skin has been shown to be a high risk of melanoma, which untreated will kill you, our genetic instinct was to seek out paler skinned mates to bond with.

    So basically for around 90 years western society has sought to try and overturn literally millenia of both genetic and societal development. Aside from roughly 50 years from the 1950s to the early 2000s when groups like the Beach Boys managed to popularise the look and science hadn't caught up enough to really get the message across that looking like overdone chicken skin isn't actually that attractive to most of the 7 billion people on the planet.
  • Claraaa
    I don't understand the point of this post? Like really?
    If the point is to say that tan skin is healthy, it's a really wrong thing to say. If you're Caucasian, a healthy skin is a skin that you don't over expose to the sun as it is directly linked to skin cancers. So how is being tanned healthy?
    If you're only talking about attractiveness, well... I understand what you mean, but again it's wrong: you say most people prefer tan skin. But what part of the world do you live in? Are you talking about the entire world? Because if so, using "most" is again, wrong.
    In India and Africa, people whiten their skin even though it's dangerous. Why do that if they don't find it attractive?
    And come on in terms of number: china+japan+india+some parts of Africa (let's just talk about countries which I know about! ) clearly make "most" of earth population. And they have a thing for pale skin. So again, what do you mean most people prefer tan skin? Most in your country?
    Finally I was just thinking about all the racism that takes place in "pale" countries towards people of black or even brown skin. If it is that good looking, why are so many people eager to say they are ugly, look bad and so on?

    (Don't get me wrong though, I'm not anti dark skin, my boyfriend isn't caucasian at all and has brown skin so you can imagine that I have nothing against it. Just saying that this post doesn't make sense to me! And my boyfriend's skin colour wasn't even what I found attractive (I mean I didn't care) so it still doesn't agree with the post...)
  • DublinRollerGirl
    Unfortunately the sun is not your friend. Tan bodies look great but you damage your skin with constant tanning and your skin gets leather like and wrinkles way earlier than a person who is pale because your skin loses it's elasticity. We won't talk about how a woman's chest get's full of age spots and looks like a leather purse. And then there is a greater possibility of skin cancer. So you may look great now, but you pay for it in the future.
  • sognare555
    I'd so much rather stick with my pale skin then constantly spray tanning and spending thousands a year to up keep an uneven tan that stains my hands and feet. Sun does nothing but burn, even if I'm not "overdoing it". And the case with most girls who tan is they start to look completely fake and age quickly. Pale and pasty has never been a problem in finding men💙
  • softrosie
    You can't argue that a preference is biologically universal if other cultures have different views on it. You said so yourself, different cultures have different ideas of beauty, so it can't be a biological impulse, but a social one. A biologically universal preference would be like not dating someone with the Black Plague or something.
  • SmartButBroke
    People in the West/US prefer tanned skin? Huh. News to me.

    It must mainly be attractive on "tanned" white people... especially since those are most of your pics. Those of us born with darker skin don't too often get told it's attractive or preferable, except maybe nowadays black guys. Usually, we hear the opposite, even if we look more tan (which I do, for example). Anyway, some people thinking tan skin is attractive in mainly one race in the West is not the same as "tan skin is attractive in the West."
    • I am pointing out that scientifically and biologically, humans have a preference towards darker skin. Yet, "no good deed goes unpunished."

    • Sarahr123

      I think they’re meaning people like who are born with complexion like Salma Hayek. The medium complexions with olive undertones.

  • TheSpaceGnome
    I'm an artist and a scientist, so first, an artist's perspective on aesthetics:

    First 2 guys look better with tan, third guy looks better without a tan, and also the dehydrated body builder look is gross on anyone, both women look better without a tan, but the second one more so than the first.

    To me skin shade has no bearing on aesthetics outside having what feels like a matching facial structure shape.

    imagine an orc in world of warcraft, but pink instead if green, feels off right?

    Now for a scientific perspective on attractiveness:

    Assuming the woman was even capable of even being pale, it wouldn't be an unattractive feature to me, because it meant she is inside most of the day, and I'm only attracted to nerds/geeks/artists/gamers.

    Secondly, for a mix of the two views, tanning beds cause cancer and cook your internal organs, and tans from those or from spray tans look weird because they create a more orange color than a natural tan does, and humans aren't typically orange (looked ok on Ahsoka Tano in star wars because of the white and blue mixed in)
    • Also, the split woman's face in the first thumbnail looks good on both sides.

    • Also, on top of shapes having color associations , both have functional associations. for example, you could changed pickachu to blue, give it blue lightning and still have it seem like an electric type, but if you made it green, the initial thought would be it's a grass type, and for anyone not knowing anything about pokemon, it wiuld still seem like a "nature" pokemon if green.

    • But, because blue is used in water a lot, yellow is more aesthetically pleasing for a pickachu.

  • AaronKrieger
    I'm not huge on tans you showed above. Especially the girls with blonde hair and have an orange any tone. It really makes them look like a slut which isn't that attractive. A tan I'm alright with until it gets to the point of orange skin. I think pale skin is much more attractive than this orange colored tan you've shown.
  • TheMainManeMan
    I don't really care for skin color either ways, to be honest.

    It sort of depends on the person.

    But even then, I wouldn't go crazy out of my way for a tan, only sunbathing every once in a blue moon, and for a slight light tan, because that shit can give you skin cancer if you go too far. And if not, make your skin full of spots and freckles... not in a good/cute way, either. Like your skin is just damaged.
  • LeeannaDD
    The problem with your logic is that pale skin has been prized since antiquity. From ancient China to Victorian England. Why did so many cultures use white powdered cosmetics? I do however agree that tan skin is more attractive.
  • MeghanL
    I'm blonde with blue eyes & naturally fair skin but I do tan a nice color. I need to start gradually & build up but I will get a nice golden color. My hair bleaches out from the sun & my face explodes with freckles!

    People associate tan with being outside & active, whether camping, hiking, climbing or whatever. I'm tan in the summer because I spend a lot of time outdoors ( I work at a swimming pool during the summer), but during the winter I'm more pale.
  • Bella9191
    I don’t really agree. I don’t really like tanned skin. I like quite pale skin. I find it attractive. People just can’t vocalise this without sounding racist. They can’t vocalise liking pale skin. People can vocalise liking tanned skin much easier. So you don’t really understand the true extent of how many people like pale skin. I have never told anyone that I my preference is.. the whiter the better, because I can’t say that without being called racist. I can’t help I find pale skin attractive.
    • Nothing wrong with that I'm the opposite I think pale skin looks dirty and discussing. Well more so on Northern European type On everyone else I think it looks not as bad.

    • Bella9191

      @LostSecrets yea can just depend what you are used to. I am extremely pale. So I see that in the mirror everyday. Well it sort of becomes normal. I have a lot of freckles too. Some people think that’s ugly. I used to. But now I actually really really like my freckles. Things can change I guess.

    • I was about to say, the only people who find pale skin attractive look like pale vampires themselves.

  • ilikefrogsalot
    Tans aren't as healthy as you think. Tans are your body's way of telling you your skin is damaged (like a sunburn, but less painful). It's fine to have natural melanin or eat foods that make your skin darker, HOWEVER, don't go out in the sun for long periods of time without wearing sunscreen or try to purposely tan. 90% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure. That tan might look sexy now, but it won't look sexy in 10 years!
  • KatieCC
    Yea, tan skin is Attractive! So is light skin! Basing someone's sole attractiveness on the color of their skin color is super racist tho. Everyone has preferences, and if you lean towards tanner people that's a-ok, but it's not okay to invalidate other people's preferences on the basis that you aren't attracted to people with lighter skin tones. It's also not okay to try and shame them into fitting your standard of attractiveness, let them do them.
  • Nasray72
    OK I'm seeing some pretty stupid statements here. Of course people in past liked pale skin more but we are f***ing taling about now which is I'm sure opposite. So don't go dig the past just because u don't want be the only ones to like pale skin. U like pale? Ok U like dark? Ok but u don't need to force your preference on everyone.
    And by the way I'm Asian.
  • MsTaniaUncensored
    Being of Bulgarian parentage I have a tan coloring, I am not sure if that gives me an advantage or not.

    Is it just me or do the photos look altered in every one where the person is tan, like it was taken after they got a lot more in shape? xD
  • Tanned92
    I'd say tan skin, even though I know it is very personal. I'm Mediterranean skinned, I think about those friends of mine who are pale and during Summer they can't go the beach because , if they would miss even a little spot of their body with the right amount of sunscreen... they'd burn ! I couldn't stand that, so long live tanned people lol !
  • vishna
    Or... you could simply be born with more melanin. But that type of tan skin is rarely glorified
  • Oceanwaves032
    I'm going to stop you right there. The reason tan skin is considered attractive nowadays in the Western world has nothing to do with biology, but with sociocultural reason and trends..
    In ancient Greece, ancient Rome and during the Renaissance period, pale skin was considered more attractive
    Also, tanning is actually a sign of skin damage. There is no such thing as a safe tan. The increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan color change in your skin is a sign of damage.
  • slatyb
    Tanned skin is currently about as fashionable as smoking. Both lead to premature aging and are discouraged by health care professionals. When I see someone with a tan I think "too stupid to use sunscreen."
  • Sarahr123
    So I once read that medium complexions are the most attractive - as in lightly tanned with an olive undertone. I think it is probably to do with it looking glowy and healthy as well as exotic. It’s like Aishwarya Rai, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek who are considered demi-goddesses and the three of them possess tanned skin. Everyone desires that type of tan which they have naturally. If skin is flawless and of that tone it definitely looks extremely compelling and mesmerisingly beautiful.
    • Yeah but I think that is similar to why people like really dark skin people too. Also after looking up those people they are not dark at all. That is not medium complexion. Maybe amongst white people. I'd say Will Smith's son Jaden is medium or in the middle of all skin types. Or maybe even slightly darker.

    • Sarahr123

      @LostSecrets Aishwarya Rai is NC30 in Mac. That is considered light-medium. Salma Hayek is darker than Aishwarya slightly. They are yellow with olive undertones. Sometimes lighting makes people look a bit lighter than they actually are. I personally don’t find darker than Hayek attractive on women however darker than that can be attractive on men.

  • Jaysonava
    Because the time when tan skin began to b seen as attractive, in the 60s and 70s, the wealthy spent a lot of time in the sun in California. Therefore, tan skin was symbolic of a fun and opulent life.

    In the past pale skin was seen as a sign of a wealthy life because the people with pale skin did not have to work in the sun.
  • NorthAfrican
    I don't really have a preference in terms of skintone but I do prefer darker hair and darker eyes on both genders. My love interest has dark eyes and dark hair and he is pale.
  • somerandomgirllol
    Pale isn't ugly; you just think it is. Honestly, most of those people in the pictures you showed looked better without the tan.
  • Omega_brie
    Tan skin is primordially attractive because it signifies somebody who works outdoors in the sunshine, in tough conditions. This is what our ancestors needed to do to survive.

    However, intentionally tanning is unhealthy, especially for people of European descent. It's a sign of skin damage. Naturally tan skin is fine.
  • Anpu23
    I am a westerner and also prefer pale skin. And it is also a cultural norm in the west. Remember sleeping beauty "whos the fairest of them all"? Fair as in pale... Facial powders were in vogue in the renaissance to lighten the skin.
  • ODC2112
    Tanned skin has always been a symbol of low social class in European and Asian societies until such societies were agricultural. Having tanned skin means being a farmer. When people started working in factories, having tanned skin changed status. Only those who could afford to take vacations got tanned.
    So it is nothing more than an indication of status.
  • exitseven
    Tanning was a lot more popular in the 70s and 80s. Sunscreen wasn't a thing. I remember rubbing sun tan oil on a girl's back. It was not sunscreen, it was just moisturizer.
    Now not many lie in the sun to get skin damage.
  • Matt57
    As a Californian that has seen his fair share of the sun (and hates summer and the heat) I much prefer a pale woman over a tan woman. Scottish ginger women have my heart.
  • es20490446e
    Remembers me of:
  • 123lucy
    I don't find tan skin more attractive than pale skin
    • 123lucy

      "Pale skin is ugly and it's culturally and biologically rooted in us to see it that way" - I guess I am somehow from a different culture to you and have different biology then, because I don't think pale skin is unattractive let alone *ugly*

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I prefer pale skin.

    Woops, broke your whole argument.
  • usernamenotwitty
    Actually many people like the porcelain color, or the cocoa color, or the medium color, or the bright blue color (jk there) but seriously, people have the right to their own preferences
  • Seinna
    I'm very pale and I like it though people sometimes complained about it and suggested I get tan.

    The body does look better with a bit of tan, not as flat, more dimensional. It creates shadows that can make you look more skinny or have better defined muscles. That's why women contour their faces. It doesn't need to be as much tan as on those pictures though...

    But for face I like paleness, light eyes, light hair and light skin :) And of course rosy cheeks are very charming, especially on women :)
    • Explorer91

      I totally agree with you, I love a pale face almost vampire pale. But a tanned body looks much better naked.

  • Somegirl408
    to be honest i think pale skin on guys looks sexy. always have. but i think girls look better tanned.
  • JuliaStyles
    It's attractive to the dermatologist who will be treating your skin cancer 20 years from now when your skin looks like a tanned pig skin.
    Solar keratosis - A condition which causes scaly patches on the skin from exposure to the sun over the years.
    Solar keratosis - A condition which causes scaly patches on the skin from exposure to the sun over the years.
    What lies under the skin under a UV lamp
    What lies under the skin under a UV lamp
    Sun damaged skin before cover makeup applied
    Sun damaged skin before cover makeup applied
  • CarpetDenim
    Except skin color is a personal preference, not an “this is objectively ugly and this is objectively beautiful” thing. You proved that yourself by explaining the difference in cultural preferences (in the West tan is more attractive, in Asia pale is more attractive.) I’m not even from an Asian culture but I find pale skin a thousand times more attractive than tan skin. It’s not biologically rooted in me to find pale skin “unhealthy” and unattractive, nor is it in anybody else. It’s a personal preference. And just to clear things up, preference for pale skin is not as rare as you’re making it seem. I would bet the majority of people don’t actually care at all, and for those that do care the ones that prefer pale and the ones that prefer tan are probably pretty even.
    • Claraaa

      I'd say there actually are more people on earth preferring pale skin, because many people in Africa and India make their skin whiter with products. Why would they do that if they didn't find it attractive? And those countries added to china, South Korea and Japan (where they clearly widely prefer pale white af skin), it clearly makes the majority of people in my opinion...

    • Sarahr123

      @Claraaa that is because of social conditioning from British colonisation that caused the division of India. Indians had always preferred dusky skin. In fact poetry and music is still written on dusky skin. Plus when Indians try to “lighten” they don’t want to go pasty. They prefer “light” as in like Aishwarya Rai which is universally considered a medium complexion as opposed to pale. Indians don’t want to be pale they just prefer to be a lighter shade of yellow.

  • Frangipaniandlotus
    First, you are wrong. When I see a toned guy, it is not attractive. Second, its a personal preference. Third, all of these people you showed on photos didn't get that tan from sun or fromfood but fromhorrible solarium. If you want to destroy your skin go ahead. For me, I want to stay pale. There is enough sun in my country (touristic oasis) that I get lightly changed colozr during summer by just walking to store and back and I dont see it as super attractive. Its unimportant. I'd rather be very pale in winter and lightly pale in summer like I am, then ever go to 'prestige for stupid', solarium.
  • snowboarder720
    I disagree.
    I think pale girls are so cute. No skin cancer and their skin won’t turn into an orange 20 year old wrinkly leather.
  • SirRexington
    I do not agree at all. I'm actually unnatracted by tan women. I'm very aroused by pale women though.

    Tan is just gross to me.
  • gothgirl997
    I really disagreed with what you said.

    First of all, lots of beautiful women in Hollywood are pale (if anything the tanning trend starts to go away now) : Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift. Porcelain skin will always be considered beautiful

    Secondly, the sun is dangerous. You can get melanoma from its toxic rays. It also ages your skin. If you want to look as young wrinkle-free, avoid the sun as much possible or wear a sunscreen with a very high SPF.

    Personally I dislike tanned skin (although I have light hair and eye color, I easily tan) so I avoid the sun from 11-4, wear a sunscreen with a 50SPF (even in the winter) and a hat (in the summer)
  • CubsterShura
    In some of those pictures they looked better pale, soooooooo
  • kitty71
    Maybe because it is related to look more attractive and sexy and also tan skin seems body to look more toned and fit.
  • ShortCircuit
    Speak for yourself. I genuinely find pale skin far more attractive.
  • Brokenheartedx
    Tanned skin is attractive but at what cost? You have white people as examples to say they are attractive but that is not true, the sun ages and also can kill, so that lovely sun tanned brown colour you think is attractive will look leathery in 15vyears time. Fake tan looks orange but those examples you have used are clearly sun worshippers.
    The rest of the world for example hotter countries, they either cover up or stay out the sun, not because they want to avoid being seen as poor/rich but because no matter your skin colour nobody on this planet is exempt from heatstroke
    I'm pale skin and proud, I cannot tolerate the sun for long, I look younger than my age due to staying out the sun. I hate the smell of fake tan, but you've told me I'm unattractive because I value my health over a tan?
    • Bella9191

      I think this post was just the opinion owner saying he likes tanned skin. And trying to make it seem like his opinion is the main stream opinion. People can’t vocalise liking pale skin without sounding racist. Like how racist does it sound to say I prefer white skin. You can't say that. So people just say “I like tanned skin” even if they don’t mean it. A lot of people love pale skin. So don’t feel bad about yourself. I’m guessing the owner actually is the one who feels bad.

  • rienna888
    It depends, some people look better with pale skin, some look better with dark skin. But yeah, i've always been more attracted to tan men.
  • tøp1996
    Lol totally bashing against someone’s skin color that’s classy.
    Here’s why I’m against your theory/opinion: from my own person experience
    I have pretty pale skin. But I can confirm that a lot of guys of all different races are attracted to me. You pretty much said that no pale people participate in outdoor activities 💁🏼‍♀️ I went to Israel for several weeks and hiked mountains for 10 hours a day, in 115F weather. And I went to Florida the same month as well. I was still pale after that, so being pale doesn’t mean you’re indoors 24/7😏 but yeah, I still hike every year, workout 5-6 days a week.
    I’m also a lot more athletic than majority of people, I’ve play 7+ sports throughout my life, plus playing college level.
    • tøp1996

      I genuinely find all skin tones attractive