What are the 4 Reasons You Should Eat Garlic for Better Health?


Other than helping make delicious soups, salads, spaghetti sauce, and (possibly) warding off vampires , there are several reasons to eat garlic regularly to improve your health. Here are four of the most important ones.

Garlic- a plant in the allium (onion) family- has many health benefits.
Garlic- a plant in the allium (onion) family- has many health benefits.


Garlic can help stabilize your blood pressure.
Garlic can help stabilize your blood pressure.

Evidence shows that garlic can help stabilize blood pressure. It makes the vessels dilate, and that helps create a decrease in arterial blood pressure. As a bonus, garlic can help lower the bad cholesterol in your blood. Wow! Talk about a win-win!


Ajoene- a chemical found in garlic and onions- can boost your immune system.
Ajoene- a chemical found in garlic and onions- can boost your immune system.

In addition to acting as an antithrombotic (anti-clotting) agent, potentially reducing the risk of blood clots, heart disease and stroke in humans- ajoene has been shown to have significant effects on the human immune system. It has been tested as a chemotherapeutic agent for treatment of cancer stem cells in glioblastoma multiforme, for lung cancer, and as an anti-leukemia agent. Ajoene has been found to decrease basal-cell cancer tumor size, and it has also been shown effective in helping the immune system inhibit tumor cell growth.


Garlic, with its anti-oxidant properties, helps maintain brain cell health and memory.
Garlic, with its anti-oxidant properties, helps maintain brain cell health and memory.

To create energy in our body, there is an oxidation reaction when we consume oxygen and food. Over time, the process of oxidation destroys brain cells, causing your brain to lose its sharpness and memory. (Oxidation effects other organs and body structures- most notably the skin- but let's focus on the brain for now). There are antioxidants that can deal with the excessive oxidation and help maintain better health, and some of them are found in garlic and other alliums.

Big pharma sells these anti-oxidants for big buck$. So, $ave money and just add some extra garlic in your foods each day: it may just help you remember where you put those leftovers. ;-)


The two areas with allicin and ajoene on the left prevent bacteria from advancing.
The two areas with allicin and ajoene on the left prevent bacteria from advancing.

Garlic can protect us from various viruses. (And you thought red marinara was just for pasta and meatballs!) That's not just an old wives' tale, laboratory experiments confirm it!

Garlic contains allicin, a natural chemical that kills fungi and bacteria. Combined with the action of the ajoene, they offer a strong "one-two punch" against bacterial and viral infections.


Garlic capsules and pills are available for those who want to add extra bug-bashing benefits along with their dietary garlic. Please check with your doctor first, though, before making any changes to your diet or supplements. These are just four of the several health benefits of garlic and/or garlic supplementation in your diet. Science has proven all of the above health improvements. You're on your own with the vampires. ;- )

What are the 4 Reasons You Should Eat Garlic for Better Health?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I've noticed major improvements in memory this year and I also started taking garlic on an almost daily basis to help with weight loss so its possible the garlic is aiding my memory. Good Take!
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  • inmensus
    Good take. I wish posts like these got famous instead of the silly ones that normally get featured
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ROCKS128
    Detoxifies body.
    Removes excessive cholesterol.
    Affects sexual health positively.
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  • Anonymous
    Garlic also helps stimulate circulation and blood flow to sexual organs.
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    • Yes, studies have proven this. The garlic is a vasodilator, opening up blood vessels, and more blood equals stronger sexual responses. Additionally, when taken with Vitamin C, the components in garlic help create nitric acid in the body, also helping to boost performance.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Unfortunately, garlic causes these 4 side effects if consumed in excessive amounts:
    1. bad breath
    2. heartburn/acid reflux
    3. body odor
    4. hemorrhoids
    • Jupiter1

      Hemorrhoids too? Damn!

    • The key word there is "excessive". Also, use as a cooked ingredient in foods. And when in a tomato-based sauce, add a few pinches of baking soda and stir in. Thanks for reading.

    • Allergies aside, garlic does not cause hemorrhoids. In fact, numerous sources explain how garlic- whether taken internally or applied to the anus- can actually help HEAL them due to vasodilation and other actions on the body. Yes, for some, the pungent bulb can produce undesirable odors. Try eating an apple after your garlic. If an apple isn't available, try mint and some lettuce. Some "deodorized" garlic supplements are made, but with the allicin (the primary odiferous ingredient) removed, many of the benefits will be reduced.

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  • MatinBrumeux
    No clue about the health benefits, I just think it taste amazing. It's awesome raw in sauces and dips.
    I found a guy who probably reeks of garlic just as much as I do, so I'm happy XD
    • Glad you found your soul mate! Thanks for reading.

  • luvstoned4him
    Its truly a power herb and when I have a respiratory infection it cures it but it gives nasea , low pressure and aggregates my acid reflux in high doses. So it should be handled with care but I love it.
  • dy8alexUk
    I use garlic if I am feeling unwell, I use both fresh garlic bulb, and ground garlic. i use mouth wash and hand wash. kissing person who uses garlic is a turn off so be married or firm bachelor or spinster
  • Stefanieguyty
    Garlic is extremely healthy, best when consumed whole (not powdered or pill etc) and tastes good in most foods like pasta sauce
  • Krishna_94
    I eat raw ginger everyday. It digests food and keeps my mouth fresh. I will try garlic too.
  • Phanta
    One reason could be that people will stay away from you because of your breath, and therefore you won't be catching germs from them.
    • Interesting twist. Thanks for reading.

  • ArrowheadSW
    My question has always been, how much can you eat before it oozes from your skin and anyone within 5 feet of you can smell it?
    • It differs from person to person, but it may not take much. It can be transmitted transdermally, that is, if you stand on a garlic clove or sliced a clove and stuck it on your arm, it wouldn't take long before it would be in your breath. Just need to find a gal who likes it too- maybe anonymous from a few questions back ;- )

    • I once had a Thai meal that was heavy in garlic at a restaurant. At no time did the food enter my home. After about 36 hours I left on a trip for 2 days, and when I came back, my place totally smelled like garlic. It had to have come from my breath and maybe my skin before I left on the trip. That was odd!

  • wankiam
    5... will deter mosquitoes from biting you
    its always in my diet and incidentally is good to give to dogs too
  • henremurr
    i love garlic and eat 1-2 cloves a day. in a pinch i’ll use granules. i avoid the stuff already chopped and in jars. i also use plenty of mouthwash. the only downside is you can smell it in your sweat during workouts.
  • btbc92
    It is also anti-Parasitic. Killed a lot of them over the last few months.
    • Citronella, clove and turmeric are typically considered the best in the anti-parasitic category. Thank for resding.

    • btbc92

      Yes they are, but it really all depends on what kind of parasites you're trying to kill too. You welcome.

  • lightbulb27
    raw or cooked have same effect?
    It's definitely been shown to keep other people awy...:)
    • btbc92

      It's healthier to eat them raw after it's been cut so that way you can get the best of it's healing properties. But it's also okay to eat it cooked too. It really all depends on what you're trying to use it for. To avoid blowing your blood pressure too low like it somewhat did with mine. It's best to eat it cooked. And eat raw garlic for when you are trying to kill out the germs and bacteria such as colds and flu. You can also use that on top of vitamin C as cold and flu prevention. It helps build up the immune system.

    • @btbc92 The allicin breaks down when heated to over 140ºF, so while it reduces the odor, it reduces its effectiveness too.

    • @btbc92 Thank you! I used to eat raw garlic but a certain person I was with... didn't like that aroma... it is strong. I cook with it!

  • 1828avaava1828
    cuts off blood supply to tumors that have developed their own blood supply to feed them. they develop clumpy systems
  • zagor
    5. The effect on your breath keeps people at a distance, so you are less likely to contract colds or flu.
  • Wow and I thought it was just good for my olive garden bread sticks
  • Dolemite510
    If u ever feel a cold or sickness coming on start eating chopped up cloves of garlic everyday, nature’s antibiotic
  • Kravmaga_-
    I dont like its taste but i eat it for my health. Nice myTake!
  • BaruchObed
    Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of god.
  • Jupiter1
    I just can't resist foods with garlic mixed in but I end up paying the price.
    • Check me other responses which deal with possible side-effects. Thanks for reading.

  • KSHMR7
    Lower blood pressure
    Thus calm mind
    Thus better future
    Thus peaceful death.
  • DiegoO
    I rather make tea out of it.
    • Garlic "tea" has been used since the ancient Greek days for its numerous benefits. For an "odorfree" tea, mince a garlic clove and add a few pinches of minced ginger, and simmer this in boiling water for 20 minutes. Allow this to rest for 10 more minutes. Strain. Add 1 tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey, and enjoy. By including the lemon and ginger in the tea, the odor will disappear in almost every case. Thanks for reading.

    • DiegoO


  • Davis04
    Crushed garlic with salt is the best!!😍😂
  • BeMuse
    I probably eat too much garlic, but I love it.
  • WafflecChip
    Ha garlic knots!
  • WingGirl
    True but then you smell
    • eMaNnUeL

      The smell goes away if it's roasted

    • @eMaNnUeL Much of the odor goes away when heated above 140ºF because that is the temperature at which the odiferous compounds (allicin, etc). begin to break down. So, while the odor of the garlic goes down, so does its effectiveness.

    • How do you pee

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  • fantasticass
    Thank you for the healthy tips regarding garlic. ✌
    • Thanks for giving it a look. And the eagle wings aren't too shabby either.

  • Meoir34
    interesting take thanks for sharing
  • Salmon4056
    Very good mytake. It did help me when I was sick
    • Glad it was helping. Thanks for reading.

  • Thedivinechic
    They left out wonderful breath. Lol
  • CocoXD
    Garlic always leaves a strong smell
    • Cooking can cut down some of that aroma. Thanks for reading.

  • Iron_Man
    just warding off the vampires is enough for me
  • Reach500
    I knew a nurse who used to eat garlic
  • Good take...
  • Elizabeth00
    Keep unwanted people away to.
    • :- )

    • Triple7s

      Yea but you don't want your breath to smell bad it will keep the good people away too

  • _Harley_Quinn_
  • psychosam
    I can already smell that woman
  • Stephen3355
    To keep vampires away
  • Anonymous
    i eat a lot of garlic
  • Anonymous
    Helps with sore throats
    • Most likely due to proven anti-bacterial action. Thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous
    It stinks and gives you terrible breath
    No thank you
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for this! I Will eat more garlic now for my sick ass.
    • Thanks for reading. See my other answer about using garlic to help ease hemorrhoids, if that is your problem.

    • Anonymous

      I've been sick for the last 5 years so.. I don't know what it is