With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources

With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources

So with birth control and other reproductive rights coming under attack,



I want to remind people that resources are available. When guns began getting harder to buy, a black market formed. It's the same thing with abortion and birth control. That's right. If a woman wants an abortion, she will get one. There's many companies that run underground or online that you can only hear about from word of mouth.




These above sites allow you to order pills that are 97% effective in inducing an abortion. Women on Web and Aid Access are run by the same woman, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts. Women on Web and Aid Access, will screen women for their eligibility to take the pills—they should not be more than nine weeks pregnant—through an online process. (If the pills are taken later, they are less likely to work.) Gomperts will herself fill each woman’s prescription for misoprostol and mifepristone, which together are about 97 percent effective in causing an abortion within the first trimester and already account for a third of all abortions in the United States. She then sends the prescriptions to an Indian pharmacy she trusts, and it ships the pills to women at their homes in the United States.

With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources

The pills come with instructions, and if women have questions, Gomperts says they can Skype with her or call her help desk. Anti-abortion groups say these pills are not safe, but Daniel Grossman, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco, told me that “it doesn’t appear that women are having serious complications” from self-inducing abortions using pills. However, if women using these regimens experience heavy bleeding or some other complication—as about 3 percent of women have—they are generally advised to go to a hospital and say they had a miscarriage. There have been studies of how well these companies work and these companies are found to be safe.

Additional resources:

the morning after pill is available on Amazon



Prjkt Ruby is a company where you can buy birth control and the morning after pill online. I used for quite some time myself because it was the only way to get birth control past my conservative, religious parents. It's $60 for 3 months. Before you order anything, you fill out a form of your medical history, do a consultation with a pharmacist and physician, and it mailed to you from a pharmacy. This might sound like a scam but I assure you it's real. I even had to do a phone consultation with a pharmacist and physician because I get migraines. When you suffer from migraines, a majority of birth control will make your chances of having a stroke go through the roof. I was put on a low dose birth control, and everything was great. It was a really simple process. They filled my script pretty quickly and it came in a pretty nondescript package. Like you don't look at it and get red flags, you know?

With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources


Nurx is a similar company to Prjkt Ruby but they take insurance and they also send you free goodies like chocolate along with your order. Like Prjkt Ruby, they have nurses, doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to help you. Nurx will also mail you HIV prep (this is a medication that prevents HIV), HPV screening test, and an HIV/STI test kit.


The pill club is another similar company. Remember all these companies are board certified and HIPAA-compliant.

You may be thinking, “cool but what’s the big deal? I can get birth control easily.”

With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources

Why would anyone provide inaccurate information unless to control and brainwash someone? Wait I think I am on to something. Lets cross reference this chart with a chart on teen pregnancy.

With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources

In spite of the glaring evidence that most people are in fact having sex, access to birth control is becoming increasingly politicized. When the Supreme Court ruled in July 2015 that employers could deny women birth control due to religious beliefs (though it is part of legally mandated health care), a dangerous precedent was set.

Again, there are options available because the internet is a wonderful place where all this information is available at your fingertips. To induce a natural abortion, increase your intake of vitamin C, but do not exceed 6,000 mg per day. Also, ingesting a high amount of cinnamon is an old trick that stimulates the uterus and could easily help induce an abortion and reduce the pain that comes with it. If you have problems at all, go to the ER or urgent care and say you had a miscarriage.

With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources
With reproductive rights coming under attack, here's some resources
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  • Lightning8
    I don't really have a formed opinion on this. It's clear that people should have their freedoms from obligation uninfringed by other people, but their own biology which impacts the very important low birthrate? I don't know, that's at least a little different. On the other hand, I mean it's scary in general if abortion was taken away. One reason is, will those children be cared for? But ultimately, I myself haven't seen any convincing philosophical proof that abortion on its own is immoral, and neither that it is moral. So until I see that argument, I don't think it should be messed with. But contraception 100% just in case. Now, @1truekhaleesi I do have a bit of a personal question if I can ask
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    • And what's that?

    • It's about healthcare careers and someone I personally know. If I can, I would much rather ask this privately, but whichever one you're ok with

    • If you want to private message me, that's okay.

  • Cokebottle2
    Men want to control women, that's why they are pro life, they don't care about the baby, they care about controlling women. THATS ALL THEY WANT

    Or well, CONSERVATIVE MEN, that is
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    • Staiby

      I find it hard to comprehend that men use pregnancy to control women. i dont know why men would want to do that. but it does seem to be the case... it's just I can't understand what they get out of it. you as, as a man, and as someone who confidently believes that it's just about men wanting to control women, can you help me understand?

    • @Staiby abortion is not the only thing being criminalized with these bills passing in alabama, ohio and georgia.

      birth control? punishable by prison time.
      miscarriages? punishable by prison time.
      traveling to another state where it is not a felony to have an abortion, to have a safe abortion? punishable by prison time.

      A 12 year old girl was raped, impregnated, and is now being forced to co-parent with her attacker.

    • And republicans think rape is ok. luckily im not a republican

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lyndsielee666
    It’s pretty sad how these “pro-lifers” only care about the baby being born. Shit if every person who thought abortion was wrong would adopt from the foster system there wouldn’t be any kids getting abused in the system
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    • Abuse of all kinds is extremely common in the adoption care system but nobody does anything about it. Pro-lifers only want the baby born, they don't care what happens to it after that

    • I agree. Shit is sad

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    Every woman in the US of child bearing age should save this information. You have done a lot of research to compile this information. Kudos
    • Thanks! It's a huge love and passion of mine to defend reproductive rights for all women.

  • young_old_soul
    Use a condom instead of whining over your "right" to murder a baby. Abortion for medically valid reasons is one thing, same is aborting a fetus conceived in rape. But aborting a healthy baby for convenience, aka 90% of abortions, is murder. People who have abortions are morally identical to people who murder children who have already been born.
    • goaded

      No form of contraception is 100% effective. No force on earth is going to stop people having sex. Forcing a miscarriage, which had a one in three chance of happening anyway is by no means the same as killing a living baby.

    • Condoms break or people can take them off during sex. The baby doesn't yet exist, so you can't compare the fetus to an actual baby. Your argument might have a leg to stand on, if they actually cared about living babies but they don't. I didn't see any Republicans standing up for refugee children. Was their skin too dark for you? Sure, there's adoption but abuse of all kinds is extremely common in the adoption system.

      As for the whole heartbeat bill, keep in mind that people who are braindead have a heartbeat. They are legally dead but their heart will be giving out momentarily. So we give more rights to people who are braindead than women.

      Oh yeah and men can still run from a pregnancy. That is the epitome of hypocrisy.

    • I don't want white refugees either (or any type) unless they are fleeing from socialism. Nor do I have any respect for men who run from pregnancy, they absolutely should be held accountable. And your whole false delusion that we don't care about babies after they're born is because communists like you want them on welfare. You are just making things up. I bet you'd simultaneously fight against the execution of a serial killer, but celebrate the government-funded mass murder of innocent unborn children. You leftists are all the same.

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  • Curmudgeon
    At a time when more than a few states are allowing abortion well into the 3rd trimester and even up to birth, something Roe v. Wade (1973) never contemplated, this post is absurd.

    If you REALLY want to help women seeking an abortion, become a doctor, and volunteer your services at low cost to women seeking it. Oh, but you don't want to leave your lovely liberal area? Then buy Greyhound bus tickets for those seeking abortions in under served or remote areas.

    The dirty little secret about this whole issue is that for all the rights rhetoric (whether “right to choose”, or “right to life”), abortion is not an abstract concept. It’s a medical procedure requiring a doctor willing to perform it.

    In states where abortion is frowned upon - the states likely to ban abortion if Roe *is* somehow overturned - abortion providers are already incredibly rare.

    Most abortion providers, understandably, prefer to practice in states where people support them and where clients are more likely to be, i. e., states where abortion won’t and will never be banned.

    This reality means that however much energy is spent on Supreme Court nominee battles, a Roe reversal wouldn’t change the country’s total number of abortion providers much. In fact, a year after Roe is overturned, it would be the rare woman who would notice any difference in her life at all.

    In their zeal to fight over the Supreme Court, though, neither side of the abortion debate has absorbed these numbers. Few pro-life groups realize they’ve fought a 30-year battle to put just a handful of doctors out of business. Pro-choice forces haven’t grasped that the millions they’ll spend lobbying to block Bush’s nominees could be better spent tipping a lot of state and local legislative races. Or, for that matter, to build abortion clinics in solidly pro-choice states that are near the borders of states likely to enact or keep abortion bans.
  • Cask23
    Reproductive Rights?

    You mean the right to be a slut and not have to deal with the consequences?
    • Funny how you don't say the same thing about the men who leave the women they impregnate. If a man can run away from a pregnancy, so can women.

  • LuWe22
    So sad that you even need that. Here in my country you get birth control and morning after pill at the pharmacy. Abortion can be done at clinics
    • It really is. There's still people defending their pro-lifers agenda in my comments.

  • Reproduction is not a right girl. The very suggestionis appalling.
    • It absolutely is. It's completely someone's choice to have children or not.

    • And calling me "girl?" You're three years older. How pathetic.

    • A child is not a commodity, and not a right, parents have no inherent right to possess a child.
      Being an adult is a matter of behaviour as well as age.

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  • DarkAngek
    Taking the pill is like drinking clorine and right after putting your finger to vomit so it doesn't hurt you. So, if you know it is bad... wear a fucking condom!!!
    • My birth control prevents me from getting migraines that can last up to days. I've had migraines since I was ten. My last bad migraine lasted 2 and a half days. Looking back, I should've gone to the urgent care because a migraine that horrible can cause some really bad damage to the brain. Birth control isn't always used for preventing pregnancy. Even if a woman uses it to prevent pregnancy, it's not your business.

    • morimeme1

      @1truekhaleesi True that, so many people don't get it, I was prescribed birth control wayy before I started thinking about sex because my hormones are naturally out of place which would cause abnormal painful periods and bad skin conditions, the pill solved it. It is not only birth control and if a woman wants to get one only as birth control she has all the right to do so, that is way better than pull out method that so many people seem to use on a daily basis and much more pleasurable than a condom.

    • @morimeme1 I am deeply bothered by people using the pull out method. What more do they need to know it doesn’t work?

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  • Britantic
    Reproductive rights under attack?
    I anybody stopping you from reproducing?
    • Is anyone stopping me from reproducing? Just me as a person because I hate children and don't want them 😂

    • Britantic

      Then your reproductive rights are not under attack as you still have the right to choose not reproduce.

    • Oh my sweet summer child. You clearly didn't read the my take that I slaved over. Politicians want to ban birth control and it's very difficult for women of any age to get their tubes tied.

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  • LogicBomber
    I love women who say "my body my right" then in the second breath want the government to pay for it.
    • I'd rather pay for a $500 abortion than 18 years worth of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating a child that a mother never wanted but was forced to birth.

    • In MOST cases, it isn't the woman paying the 18 years of feeding, clothing, housing, and education... it's often some poor shmuck male that she has trapped into paying because as a male we have ZERO parental rights and most women will use the system to get a paycheck from the male and then most of that money goes to herself and not the kid.

    • That's for a different that I don't have the energy to start, but yes okay.

  • Goodwifie
    Or you could take a handful of laxatives that contain a bowel stimulate.
    Women are damned if they and damned if they don't.
    • goaded

      The advice above was pretty specific about the dose, "a handful" sounds dangerous.

  • SkipStop
    Okay. But don't use msnbc as a news source. They have been caught making false statements just like cnn and washington post. Untrustworthy networks.
    • goaded

      Who do you trust as a news source?

    • SkipStop

      @goaded Fox, National Review, Washington Examiner, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Politico, The Economist

    • goaded

      And do you think none of those have been caught making false statements?

      I'd be willing to bet I could find a few for the first three, at least.

      in my opinion, the important thing is how they deal with having made a mistake. Do they own up to it, and publish retractions, or do they ignore them, or even double down?

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  • Unit1
    Interesting article. Thank you for posting this! You seem to have done pretty nice research on these and the rather unknown black markets.

    Well, it's good to know. I myself won't have any use cases but still.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Reproductive rights is a misnomer. No one is restricting the right to reproduce.
  • theWhalers
    This sort of shit makes me ashamed to be American. You don’t violate someone’s bodily autonomy like some two bit dictator. Fuck them.
  • Lord_Thy_Gawd
    Couldn't care less. Don't want a baby?

    • If only more doctors were willing to do surgery to sterilize people.

  • As a 7th Day Adventist, I am against these ideologies.
    • I don't care if you personally aren't for abortion. It's only an issue, if you make it harder for other people to get an abortion just because your religion doesn't like it. Separation between church and state is clearly stated in the Constitution.

    • You're only saying that because currently it is legal to abort. If it were illegal, you wouldn't say that you didn't care if people were for abortion that they shouldn't make it harder for people not to abort.

      People have biased answers either way.

    • I am not religious. I am Christian.

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  • tartaarsaus
    It is truly odd to me how this debate on the availability of contraceptives and abortion even exists in the USA.

    I know here in the Netherlands, contraception is included with the basic insurance that everyone is legally obliged to have (and we get money to pay insurance if you are young). After you're 21 and it's no longer free, the price is artificially kept low (I think). A debate on abortion would be absolutely unimaginable, as far as I know actually every single party in the Parliament is pro-choice, except for 1 die hard Christian and very very small party

  • Waffles731
    Its scary what the state level GOP is doing
    • Goodwifie

      They are pretty much taking ownership of every woman's uterus by ruling that they are not able to go to another state or county in seek of a termination.

  • Nice take
  • weirdoweirdo
    The US is really weird.