7 Crazy Restrictions On Woman's Rights From Around The World

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Disclaimer: Even though I don't agree with any of these laws I'm not trying to shame anyone for any countries.

7 Crazy Restrictions On Woman's Rights From Around The World
1. India: In some areas or India road safety rules don’t apply to women. In some states of India, women are excepted from safety rules that mandate motorcycle passengers wear helmets, which kills or injures thousands each year. Women’s rights advocates have argued the exemption springs from a culture-wide devaluation of women’s lives. Supporters of the ban say they’re just trying to preserve women’s carefully styled hair and makeup!

2. Yemen: A woman is considered only half a witness in court. That’s the policy on legal testimony in Yemen, where a woman is not, to quote a 2005 Freedom House report, “recognized as a full person before the court.” In general, a single woman’s testimony isn’t taken seriously unless it’s backed by a man’s testimony or concerns a place or situation where a man would not be. And women can’t testify at all in cases of adultery, libel, theft or sodomy.

7 Crazy Restrictions On Woman's Rights From Around The World

3. Saudi Arabia and Vatican City: Women can’t vote... still. This is amazingly the case in Saudi Arabia, though a royal decree, issued in 2011, will let women vote in Saudi elections in 2015. Vatican City is the only other country that allows men, but not women, to vote.

4. Ecuador: Abortion is illegal, unless you’re an “idiot.” Begum says this is the policy in Ecuador, where abortions have long been outlawed for everyone but “idiots” and the “demented.” Politicians are considering a policy with the more politely worded term “mentally ill,” but that won’t change abortion’s legal status in Ecuador -- or, more importantly, the fact that the law is frequently used to criminalize miscarriages.

7 Crazy Restrictions On Woman's Rights From Around The World
5. Saudi Arabia and Morocco: Rape victims can be charged with crimes. Many, many countries fail to protect the victims of rape, but some go a step further -- punishing women for leaving the house without a male companion, for being alone with an unrelated man, or for getting pregnant afterwards. The most infamous case may be Saudi Arabia’s“Qatif girl,” but a recent suicide in Morocco also made headlines -- 16-year-old Amina Filali killed herself after a judge forced her to marry her alleged rapist, in keeping with a policy that invalidates statutory rape charges if the parties marry.

6. Yemen: Women can’t leave the house without their husband's’ permission. Yemen, where this law remains in force, does allow for a few emergency exceptions; if the woman must rush out to care for her ailing parents, for instance.

7. Saudi Arabia: Women can't drive.

7 Crazy Restrictions On Woman's Rights From Around The World

7 Crazy Restrictions On Woman's Rights From Around The World
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  • echoaj
    I wasn't expecting Ecuador to be on the list. But yeah all the rest are very true. I hear India is pretty bad. On of my relatives went there for humanitarian work. She sais it's a nice country but yes they do have problems with women there. Some guy kept on stalking her following her around on the street. And she said in India what you are supposed to do is when that happens is to yell and publically shame them. She did just that.

    Anyways thank you for sharing, good Mytake.
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  • MakeShiftThug
    People who blame Islam for these problems are evidently ignorant, any educated person knows it's the fault of the British and French.

    And Abortion isn't a woman's rights issue.
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    • RedRobin

      I'm not blaming Islam for these issues. People consider it a woman's rights issue because men can't have abortions.

    • Not that you were, I meant people in general.
      It really shouldn't be considered a woman's only issue.

Most Helpful Girls

  • MeghanL
    Notwithstanding the "glass ceilings" & other gender inequities we deal with, we American women still have things WAY better than our sisters in other countries!
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    • RedRobin

      Like what?

    • MeghanL

      Which what? The remaining issues or why it's better for us here?

    • RedRobin

      Why is it better in america than other western countries?

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  • BellePepper
    *eternal sighing*
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  • ThisDudeHere
  • AleDeEurope
    See, in those places is where feminism is needed. They're wasting their time in the US, Sweden, Canada, UK... when women in many countries are getting stoned to death for betting raped, can't vote, or simply can't even go buy some bread without their man next to them... smh.

    By the way, I wouldn't call #4 a restriction on women. We have to know what their reasoning behind not legalizing abortions is, but by the looks of it, it feels like they're doing it because of life, not because they want to restrict women because of "muh patriarchy".
    • RedRobin

      What if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant? In cases like that there shouldn't be a question about it. I'm pretty sure in Ecuador a woman would still be considered stupid in that case.

    • I support abortion, but in 90% (if not all) of the cases where people are against abortion, it has nothing to do with not wanting to give women the "freedom to choose". Using that excuse is basically just acting like a victim.
      The reason people are against abortion is because they believe that once the kid has been conceived, then there's life, therefore aborting the baby would be murder. That's it. They're thinking about the baby, not the mother.

      I don't know Ecuador's views on rape, so I wouldn't say they would consider her stupid if she was raped.

    • I say that to feminists all the time. But instead of saying feminism isn't needed in the US I tell them to shut the fuck up and move to India and they'll see how oppressed they can really be.

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well if a person is exempt from a law that is not a sign of being viewed as inferior, thats actually absurd they are not saying they are not allowed to wear helmets they are saying its optional, that means in fact that women are given the privilege of choice that men do not, if a woman chooses not to nothing happens, if a man chooses not to he is punished. Thats in fact saying the exact opposite of what you are that is women are viewed as superior to men which goes along with other laws like rape being only applied with male on female, not female on male, or that men are (and this is according to indians i. e. second hand information) are expected to give up their seats and sit in the back of buses and what not if a woman wishes to sit or how marriage laws favor women almost exclusively to the detriment of men in india and the west for that matter. I don't know enough of yemen to say much only that it is almost certainly not as black and white as stated. Its kind of like how people say the middle east is sexist towards women because she is expected not to go to school and to stay at home ignoring the reason why is because a man is legally obligated to provide for the woman to the point of it being criminal if he does not provide for her thus making schooling more important for men because if a woman gets a good job it doesn't matter because her husband is by law required to take care of her meanwhile if a man doesn't get a good job not only does he go hungry but so to does his wife and his children. This is also why they preffer women to stay at home because if she works he then has to pay more money to get a babysitter because he is under law not allowed to touch or recieve money from her in fact in many places the man is required to pay the taxes on her income thus forcing the man to work more hours or get two jobs (or more) in order to pay off the taxes on her income. Its a very one sided view so I would guess their is more to this then what is being presented, it may not be right but in all likely hood both parties are being hurt not only women while men benefit (which is provably false in almost all situations that argument is made). As for vatican city, again this is an example of the one sidedness and in fact more a sign of how we treat men then women because in vatican city it is true women can't vote but then neither can men only cardinals have that right
    • so why is it so bad that women are not allowed to vote but not that men are not allowed to vote? See the problem with that? As for ecaudor, women not being allowed to abort children isn't a wrong against women, they are allowed to abort if their is danger to the woman or child, I don't know about rape but I would presume that would be acceptable as well however that is really just a matter of demanding women take responsibility for their actions. You do not get pregnant randomly you get pregnant by choice and if a child is stuck in a broken home without two parents they are far more likely to fall to deviant and criminal behavior and thus become a risk to the rest of society. So while you may not agree with it their is a logical reason for it.

    • So basically my issue with this is that its completely one sided, it does not take into account other factors or social conditiones that may be influencing these laws its simply that they restrict (or in the case of the indian law doesn't restrict) women in some way and thus is presumed that it must be sexism which of course itself is sexism. Their is almost always a logical rational for these laws, now they may not be the best methodology or the best route but thats not the same as saying something is just sexist because it restricts women. your ignoring the many restrictions placed on men and boys which is why in for instance afganistan the majority of sex workers are male children because by law they being male have to take care of their mothers and sisters beign the eldest male if something happens to their father. Things are far more complex then what is being presented.

  • Cccgala
    Number Five cringes me out of all the seven!
    Victims of rape don't deserve to be humiliated in a crime that's totally not their fault and having a male companion isn't a guaranteed assurance for women to be safe.
  • noonecansatisfyme
    My deceased fiance who was born with Bipolar Depression and Obsessive Paranoid Schizophrenia in truth should have been committed to a Psychiatric hospital for long term treatment when it was discovered she had started smoking Crack Cocaine and sucking on whacky wafers, or at least that is the method I believe she used to introduce LSD into her body.

    She got pregnant at 15 1st child at 16, her 2nd and final child she had at 20 or 21, 12 years later she relinquished custody of children to 1st her mother's brother, complications had him turning custody over to his sister.

    After having legal custody of her children placed to her mother's side of the family she asked her psychiatrist if he agreed that the best thing for her would be having surgery to prevent her from getting pregnant again, he said yes.

    My fiance's COD was self inflicted bullet wound to the head, why did she commit suicide?, answer being that her Obsessive Paranoid Schizophrenia caused the delusion of her family being in serious danger by people she thought she had driven to the point of murder by accusations she had made about them, deceased fiance believed ending her own life would ensure her family's safety.

    Do I believe the seriously mentally I'll and mentally challenged should be sterilized?, I most certainly do.
  • jp612612
    You know, the India one is really interesting because about half of the customer service team that I manage is based out in India. The driving rules that you described aren't even the end of it! If a woman is involved in an auto accident with a man, it's always the man's fault -- because the woman is considered helpless. ;-) Our customer service team has rotating shifts so if you're on day shift this month, you're on swing shift next month, then graveyard after that. The women agents bounce between day and swing because they think it's wrong to force a woman to work a difficult shift.
    • RedRobin

      That's pretty sexist either way you look at it

  • reixun
    Conclusion: yemen is a shithole where millions of people starve to death as well as have little rights

    And the countries that hold the traditional centers of religions are absolute shitholes for women's rights.
  • martyfellow
    Women can't drive in the US either. lol
    • RedRobin

      Lol, that's sexist! :p

    • Qui, moi? The blonde women think you're supposed to sit on the seat belt.

    • Right!!! I have no idea how I managed to get a license. I'm am the worst driver ever

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  • chigurl33
    Me: Shall we take the feminist movement there?

    Feminist: No, I don't want to wear tampons on my period and I must fight for that right

    Me: Walks away

  • RegularTK421
    By far number 5 is the worst thing on that list. Can you imagine your daughter having to marry her rapist? Fuck that shit I would just kill him.
  • idonthaveausername02
    i am not able to get what are you trying to say about india. if women are excused for not wearing helmets , then is it our fault? it is a law to wear helmets while riding a two and if women are not fined for this they are happy with it.
  • harabi
    Now, restore equality, write an article about all the privilleges women enjoy over men across the world, including the countries mentioned. But you won't not only because you are not to promote equality, but also bc it would be hundred times longer
  • Jackblue
    Can anybody vote in the Vatican I thought the Pope just decides everything?
    • RedRobin

      I think the priestels there vote on who the next pope is. I don't know if any nuns actually live there?

  • Centurion20000
    I read this and see that a lot of the restrictions have a geographic region [and religion] in common.
    And yet feminists and liberals still love and support Islam.
  • blondfrog
    What a sad world we live in. See American women this is real oppression. I will add a few that you didn't in Nigeria it is mandatory for women to get circumcised same in Egypt.
    • chigurl33

      Hey let's not bash my country okay. I'm not circumcised, I'm a university student and I wear jeans. Stop listening to myths, you're 25.

    • blondfrog

      @chigurl33 Not a myth I read about it. Don't girls over there get circumcised?

    • chigurl33

      Maybe... I've never heard of a single incident even though my dad works in a newspaper company but maybe. But it's illegal and so is murder in the world and people still do it.

      It's been both illegal and frowned upon by society since the 20th century and it's supposed to be a community thing, that's why I think no one does it anymore.

      Also, it can cause infertility and we all know the importance of children to Africans.

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    Yes, these are places will feminism is absolutely needed. :)
  • SlightlyCrazy
    This take was interesting to read and I enjoyed it. Though I am deeply disparaged at the content itself
  • unknownpoet
    women CAN vote in vatican. just happens there's no women eligible to be a voter.
    • MeghanL

      Are there not legal residents of Vatican City besides the Holy See?

      I am not Catholic, so...

  • Some places have really bad governments, that need to go.
  • SeraBarton
    Even though I'm not catholic I do know that Vatican City has practically no female residents. The "country" it's literally just the popes basillica or whatever that building is and a few surrounding chantries and museums owned by the Catholic Church. The only real voting on anything done in that "country" is done when they pick a new pope and that's a religious thing only make priests are allowed.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but yeah Vatican City isn't but a few square miles if that big and it's only a country because the Roman Catholic pope has his own seat at the UN.
  • meatballs21
    Number one isn't a restriction! There's nothing stopping them from wearing a helmet if they want to.
  • yotes-of-472
    Yeah, there's plenty of sexist countries still today.
  • baakkmn
    Number 1 doesn't seem like a restriction, more like a freedom.
  • TheRebelReturns
    Notice most countries on this list are Islamic.
  • coolbreeze
    Nice mytake and very informative.
  • CyberToothTiger
    Very well MyTake of yours thanks for sharing :)
  • John_Doesnt
    Women don't know how to vote in the US either.
  • malealpha00
    I'm glad I'm a guy
  • Dred1614returns
    That's Islam for you.
  • JubJub_Hi
    I am glad I do not live in any of those places!
  • Blitzkrieger
    I think women can't drive worldwide though.
  • Anonymous
    So by around the world you mean shitty eastern areas of the world where religious shit has fucked up the society in general. Like children being used in war, legal murder of homosexuals, where going against the religion is punishable by death, Etc.
    Morocco... It's against the law to have sex with someone you are not married to, it is against the law to attempt to distribute any non Muslim literature.

    And the reason you only could mention these countries is because in western culture women are the most privileged group of humans to ever exist in human existence and western feminism needs to have a scapegoat to play the All women are victims card.

    Name a single female restriction in western culture.
  • Anonymous
    and yet, they still have strongly biased tendencies statistically: https://blog.okcupid.com/
  • Anonymous
    Well, I'm living in an İslamic country, Turkey and they treat women like 'total sh*t'. I hear woman murderings in the news all the time, and men kill women for bulls__t reasons. Yet, Turkey is the most liberal muslim country and Turkish men are the best among muslim men. Western dudes are gentleman, they care about their women. European guys I've met treated me very well, invited me to hang around, they didn't leave me alone when I felt down. Now I'm missing them a lot. I'm fed up of being treated like I'm an animal.
    • Move out then.

    • Anonymous

      @MrDetermined I will :)

    • Jan1ssary_

      First of all remove your god damn name and stop representing my country if u are going to talk shit about it. First of all noone is threating like shit to women here, people who are living in villages, un-cultured jerks beat women you can't generalize whole population its no more than stupidy and yeah move out then if u don't like this country noone is eager for your ass anyway.

      Turkiye isn't "islamic country" either Türkiye is a "secular" country which u won't ever understand. Most of Westerners nowaday wants to fuck stupids like you, like any other men around the world :D Its not about being Gentlemen.

      Burda kaşar kaşar konuşup ülkeni küçük düşürüp yabancı erkek asikligi oynayacagina Ülken hakkında 3-5 bişi öğren öyle gel. Ve eğer Kaşarlık yapıp diğer yabancı seviciligi oynayacaksanda ismini düzelt benim milletimin ismini kullanma ulkenide değiştir. Benim ülkemi temsil etmek kendi ülkesini hor gören kanciklara kalmadı hadi nas.

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  • Anonymous
    And still people say white men are the problem.
    • White men are the best lol

    • Anonymous

      @Turkish_Delight That's nice to hear compared to the usual things said about us.

  • Anonymous
    The Trumpistan Constitution prohibits feminazis from entering Trumpistan.
    The feminazis born there will be wearing a gag from the day hey reach 11.
    • jjesica346

      Oh look, a trump supporter!! please shower us w wisdom.

  • Anonymous
    Its not about taking rights away from women, its about knowing whats best for women from a logical perspective. Which women aren't capable of using because they're emotional creatures that make irrational decisions which creates chaos, just look at the dating, relationships and marriage in western civilization because of feminism, its chaotic.