Fat Loss Guide For Obese Women!

Fat Loss Guide For Obese Women!

STEP 1: Include Water Fasting into your daily routine ( From Dawn Till Dusk)

STEP 2: Start consuming green tea in place of normal tea

STEP 3: Eat uncooked or steamed veggies for Carbs

STEP 4: Stay away from Bananas

STEP 5: Fried foods are poison

STEP 6: Stay away from all kinds of sweets

STEP 7: Engage in Jogging (for at least 20 min but not more than 40 min) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

STEP 8: Focus more on your lower body if working with weights (since the thighs consume much of your energy)

STEP 9: Eat Less fruits and more veggies (since they contain sugar)

STEP 10: Have your dinner but in moderation

STEP 11: Consume very less salt (since salt promotes bloating)



Fat Loss Guide For Obese Women!
Fat Loss Guide For Obese Women!
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  • ChefCurry
    These aren't terrible tips. Better than most.
    Is this still revelant?

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  • Smiley_face101
    Are you a nuitritionist or a doctor?
    In my opinion things like that should be written only by professionals.
    I am not sure how did you come up with these tips but as someone that lost 40 lbs I think every person is diffrent, weight loss is about caloric deficit. How you get to that is up to you. It needs to be a healthy process and that is what metters
    • Pamina


    • Im not a doctor or a nutritionist but i have been working out since i was 13. And this is how i lost 8 kilos in 2 months...

    • I lost 20 KG and I still dont think I can write a "fat loss guide", you can write your advices, your personal experince but you are no guide.

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  • SuzyB
    Actually you are just setting people, not even woman up to fail! Completely changing their diet and restricting everything they are accustomed to will lead them to break their diet and binge, especially sugars as it is addictive...

    Diets are meant to be slow and steady changes to create a long term lifestyle change and not a quick weight loss gimmick...
  • ChronicThinker
    This is all crap. Fasting is a debated science and green tea is an antioxidant, not a weight loss miracle. Veggies are a given, the banana bit is a joke, sweets would include fruits as the sugar is similar... this is all generic, largely unrealistic babble, so let me correct this whole Mytake:


    ... Amazing, I know.
  • DDpsy
    I agree with most except 7. For truly obese persons jogging is a terrible idea. They should avoid all training that involves too much shocks and puts strain on joints. No jogging, no running, no jumping around, for a 300lb-400lbs+ obese person that is just a disaster waiting to happen. Go on a bike, an elliptical, a row machine or go into a pool and walk around or swim if possible.
  • alohaahyes
    Good mytake but why was this only directed towards obese women? This could Help both genders.
    • Actually women find it hard to lose weight. I wrote it specifically for women cuz the title might attract them and motivate them

  • needadvice1245
    Girls ignore all this and get down to maccies and start gaining today do it for the fat community
  • PumpkinSpiceisnice
    Good and helpful nice take 👍
  • Randomlips
    No water fasting, that shit unhealthy af
  • Pamina
    Why would this only work for women?
    • I wrote it ESPECIALLY for women

    • Pamina

      But what's the difference?

    • Women find it hard to lose weight... Most of them lack motivation and most women compared to men are body conscious. Thats why...

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  • KandyKane1
    Ummm no.
  • kayaleyla285
    Step 5, 6 and 11 😐😐
    Especially 11
  • Anonymous
    Pro tip: stop wasting your time trying to help women. They already know how to lose weight. They already know that being overweight is unattractive and unhealthy. They choose to be overweight, and there's nothing you can do to change that.
    • Sadly there is some truth to that, but it doesn't help to do/say nothing.

    • Anonymous

      @Thatsamazing it doesn't help to do or say something, either. Of all the women I've trained or tried to train, the only ones who were successful were the ones who were already getting it done and just needed a little more direction. If a woman just started going to the gym and hired a personal trainer from day 1, you can rest assured she only hired them so she'd have someone to blame when it didn't work, and they rarely have the discipline to last more than a month.

      Take a woman who's already been at it for 6+ months and made progress, but maybe she's having trouble in a specific area or two, and you can give her the info she needs in 30 minutes or less. I coach that type of woman for free because it's so easy. I refuse to coach the ones who just started because not only is it a pain in the ass, they cut down on business because they always give negative reviews after they quit, even if they made great progress in the three or four weeks they stuck to it.

    • Anonymous

      As a matter of fact, there are some really horrible tips in this list, but I didn't bring them up because it doesn't matter. The women who are gonna get it done almost always do their own research and are well informed. The ones who won't succeed anyway won't even benefit from perfect advice.

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  • Anonymous
    This makes you seem like a misogynistic asshole. These tips could work for anyone. No one should be obese. Focusing only on women comes off as douchey