Boycotting the "Big is Beautiful" Movement!


"Big is beautiful". One of the more common and known body positivity movements. Also one of the most incorrect body positivity movements. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying big is unattractive, I'm just saying the message itself is wrong. If you're attracted to bigger girls -or boys- that's your business.

It's less the "big is beautiful" movement that is wrong, but more what comes with it. It doesn't bother me seeing bigger girls posting how they are beautiful, sure, I don't care about that. I'm all for body positivity, everybody should be confident in their self image. But they take it too far when they say they are healthy too. Because that is just a straight black lie, for instance, it's teaching younger girls that being big is healthy. It's not. Its a widely known fact that being overweight is unhealthy for you and your organs. So many health complications can come along with being overweight; Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Some cancers, Gallbladder disease - These are just a few examples of the many health complications obesity can come along with. Being overweight is unhealthy.. So why is there a big body positivity movement at the moment, saying the exact opposite?

"Plus-size model"
For example, look at this 'plus-sized model' I saw on social media. This isn't "plus-sized", this is obese and an unhealthy role model for the younger generations. This is teaching people that it is okay to be overweight, but its not! It's not healthy and shouldn't be promoted in this way.
Facebook post from one of my overweight Facebook friends.
Facebook post from one of my overweight Facebook friends.
I am here to boycott the "Big is beautiful" movement, and you should too. It is teaching the wrong lessons, big isn't healthy and we should stop supporting those who say it is.

Above is a screenshot I took from one of my Facebook friends. She is severely overweight and posted this. She even went as far as saying she is just as fit and healthy than a girl with a six pack. Now if you knew the sheer size of this woman, you would know this is just complete bullshit. A girl with a six pack would work her ass off every single day, exercising, training and eating a healthy diet to stay that fit and healthy. Unlike the woman who posted the status, who doesn't even exercise and eats the unhealthiest diet I have ever seen. How could she even make that comparison, this is what I mean when I refer to an 'incorrect body positivity movement'. "It's what's on the inside that counts" is another quote from her post, well I hate to break it to you.. But with a woman your size, 'what's on the inside' is just all fat! Nothing about that is healthy.
Boycotting the "Big is Beautiful" Movement!
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  • Dolemite510
    Amen, I hate the whole plus size model thing. It marginalizes the efforts that real models put in to stay pretty and in super good shape.
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    • Lauren-green

      Valid opinion, thank you :)

    • Wally48

      Wow good point. Never thought about that.

    • That’s actually a really great point

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  • Massageman
    You're right, of course. Just because someone says they are healthy doesn't MAKE them healthy.
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    • Lauren-green


    • If someone's *doctor* says they are healthy they are healthy regardless of what society thinks

    • Rashnaa

      @Smiley_face101 you are right. Sometimes society defines bigger looking girls fat. While medically they are healthy.

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  • Kurαȷ
    Psychological examinations of fat people conclude that up to 50% of fat people are living in a delusion.
    They don't exhibit negative psychopathology such as self-image issues or distress over binge eating, weight gain and lack of self control.

    They genuinely believe they are not overweight and thus will not accept any help or make any changes, because they misperceive the issue as being non-existent.
  • GraveDoll
    Big is not beautiful and I honestly do not know a soul in real life that supports that imaginary BS. Even the fat people I know the state of their health affair is at high risk.

    we were made to move. we have joints for a reason and it wasn't to just sit and eat
  • Bluebot
    I´ve been boycotting that mindset since it started being a thing, being morbidly obese or fat isn't beautiful nor healthy... at all. It´s a fact that you get lots of health issues with that lifestyle and people should work on themselves, they shouldn't tell themselves that being happy with it fixes all the issues.

    But thats how it always is, lazy people looking for stupid things to justify their poor lifestyle.
    • vjones819

      Not everyone that’s morbidly obese or just fat is lazy.. actually sorry to break it to you but there are actual health conditions that cause people to have troubles with their weight. And being morbidly obese, or fat doesn’t make you ugly.

    • Bluebot

      That’s exactly the mindset I’m talking about. I’m sure the amount of people that can’t help their weight is very neglectable compared to the large amount of people who choose to be fat and lazy. I know some people who have a condition like that and they (the ones who can’t help it) complain about it the most.

      To me fat = ugly but that’s personal taste. However I’m sorry to break it to you, but 99% of the fat people are fat due to poor diet and laziness.

    • vjones819

      Unless your ‘opinion’ is based on actual stats, I’m quite sure your wrong. There are mental health issues and physical health issues that go to being overweight and fat. Not everyone that is fat is lazy, and yes MANY are, not “99%”

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  • RussianNestingDoll
    I couldn’t agree more. I need to lose some weight and people tell me it’s fine to be that way. Um, no, how about we stop lying to ourselves? Nothing wrong with self esteem, but true self love is making healthy choices and not deluding oneself.
  • Purple_Summer
    Big IS beautiful. Unhealthy is not. Size does not dictate someones health. there are fat people who feel great and their health is in chech and skinny people with plenty of health problems. if someone is healthy, they are happy with their body, their partner is happy with their body, you have no right to shame them. it's not your life and none of your business.
    • Lauren-green

      Omg I literally said that exact thing throughout my whole post, did you not read that? I said I don't agree IF they are saying they're healthy when theyre not and promoting obesity online. And I didn't do this post about skinny people because it is about the "big is beautiful" movement. Understand I am not coming from a bad place, my father is diabetic and struggles with weight issues, I'm trying to educate the consequences of obesity. I never said that big isn't beautiful.

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    It is objectively a bad thing to be fat. Also i love seeing the fat acceptance movement getting destroyed
    • Aiko_E_Lara

      And for those hater's info, fat people shame fit people for having privilege so it goes both ways

    • Lauren-green

      finally someone says it lol

    • Aiko_E_Lara

      And I would love to point out those 5 fat asses who downvotes hehe.

  • centerline
    there is a whole world of problems associated with this "movement" as you call it...

    some people have medical issues that CAUSE the weight gain, but MOST people have weight gain because they just dont care, or dont look in the mirror...

    there are different degrees of being overweight or obese, and I think most know where the line is but its easier to ignore than it is to make the effort to change... AND the medical world and diet-mongers make a killing off of overweight people, so there is no gain to them if people get their weight to a healthy level, but to the individual and their families, it makes a world of positive difference..

    psychologically, people should not be made to feel bad because of their weight, their looks or anything else that god has given them... (yes, often the person CAN change these things a little bit with help, but unlike the personal choices we make such as lack of manners, the way we treat other people, the way we dress and the friends we keep, NO ONE chooses to be overweight, unhealthy or ugly) ...

    health is a big concern... maybe not at this moment in their life, but at around 35yrs of age, the body begins showing signs of the stress that its under, and health problems start showing up. and if nothing is done, by the time they reach about 55, its often too late to make much of a difference in their health by losing the weight...

    and then there is the people who want to make other people think that they are proud of being over weight and they should be recognized as beautiful, when in reality, inside these same people would lose the weight in a second if there was a magic pill to do it for them... so inside they feel bad about being heavy, but try to put on a show of pride as a pacifier for their condition... which is NOT helping anyone, nor their inner feelings... people can run and try to hide from others under whatever cloak they can find that they think may work, but they can't run and hide from themselves or their personal issues...

    on the more personal side of it, there is a half a world of people out there who are overweight and telling themselves they are beautiful and wanting to find love... and yet they feel that instead of them losing weight to get healthy and more attractive, that the rest of the world should just overlook or ignore their weight and potential health problems and love them for whats inside...
    but, ALL of us in this world like what we like, and no one else can make us like something that is not pleasant to us, whether it be an object, a food, a location or a person... this is what makes for diversity in the world...

    and I think we ALL know someone who is extremely overweight, who would be astonishingly attractive if they would put the effort into losing weight, and they could find the mate they are looking for, but just telling oneself that they are beautiful and attractive is not helping...

    the "movement" causes damage to the body and soul, because it does not address any of the problems that being obese causes, but only allows one to ignore the problems and go through life telling themselves they are attractive to all the world, when really, the world sees obesity as a real problem... and continually telling yourself that you are attractive, does not make it so...
    its a sad reality, but its true...
  • dancing_in_nebulas
    As healthy as a skinny girl eh?

    I suppose if we all had cancer lol.

    Healthy is a pretty misused term in size regard.

    Doctor wise, healthy means nothing particularly life threatening, or compromising of general necessary biological functions, that sustain life.

    An obese woman, as pictured, generally has more strain on her organs, due to excess fatty deposits - hence why doctors probably monitor her weight constantly.

    It just goes to show that we don't do much with our lives, that require us to be in shape.

    So more and more women are big.

    Men are also getting bigger.


    We are in a way, forced to be attracted to them, since options are getting limited.

    The plus size movement has built its momentum simply off the fact that there's no point in being fit anymore.

    In fact, being fit, is a hobby really.

    We don't need to hunt or fight, or build.

    We just sit around being entertained.

    So, they are the future, and getting used to plus size beauty, is this transition we are currently seeing. Being fit was beautiful, but now seeing this version of beauty, finally eliminated the last reason to be fit - looks - since health doesn't matter apparently lol.

    I'm glad it helped get the bullying off, and more clothes in the store, but it really is fueling the idea that we are far, lazy, spoiled, Americans.

    We indulge too much, and somehow greed is beauty.
  • Nivinxus
    I've never cared about the movement in the first place, but I'm not against it either. I just don't see it as a concern as I've always believed in 'live how you want' and if they want to gorge themselves to death, then let'em, at least they died doing what they want.
    • Lauren-green

      Yeah that's a solid point. It's more that the younger generation is going to grow up on technology and social media, and obese people are advocating that they are healthy when they aren't. It teaches the younger generation that obsesity is okay, but in actual fact it can cause severe health issues

    • HumansExist

      They should just bring back "you are what you eat" and "supersize vs. superskinny" -it teaches people about the negatives of being either way.

  • young_old_soul
    Well said. The whole "body positive" movement just promotes an unhealthy lifestyle, and not to mention, obesity is considered extremely unattractive by the vast majority of both men and women.
  • Flamdring
    It seems we humans go from one extreme to the other: first we had anorexic skeletons advertised as the role model for women, then the fashion industry and media suddenly decided to jump to the other end of the spectrum and present obese people as "healthy and beautiful". Fully agreed with your words that beauty is a very subjective term, but neither anorexic nor obese is healthy.

    I do not know the situation in New Zealand with healthcare, in Europe we usually have universal healthcare that is covered by the taxes from the entire population. It is a wonderful system and I am truly thankful it exists. Since obesity leads to a myriad of health issues that are later transferred to the healthcare system, I think obese people who refuse to lose weight unless they have a medical condition (it exists), must be forced to fork out more in the form of higher taxes in order to cover their inevitable medical bills. The same should go for anorexic people, chainsmokers, drug addicts, alcoholics etc. You continue damaging your health and you absolutely refuse to stop doing it, do not expect the others to continue paying for your medical bills. While it can be seen as discriminatory, those people do not think about the rest of the society. In fact, such system could act as a powerful incentive to stay healthy.
    • Flamdring

      Forgot to add that it would only work if countries have the necessary medical infrastructure, well-trained support groups, psychologists etc. Refusing someone with weight/health issues to access medical services without helping them to get better would almost certainly mean their early death.

    • debby04

      You mean most under develops countries? @flamdring

    • Flamdring

      Would you consider the USA underdeveloped because they neither have a universal healthcare system nor adequate support for people who do not have private insurance or the money to cover the bills? It is hard to say.

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  • QooLipBite
    If you’re fat, then you’re fat. I don’t care.

    But don’t fucking blame it on other people and telling them to praise you for being a lazy fuck with no self control.
  • Dude_1820
    Yes completely agree!! Then you also got this fat people wearing things they shouldn't be wearing.

    We see a progression in terms over the last couple of decades from fat to big to BBW because it makes these people feel better. That's all anyone cares about anymore and it's pathetic. You're fat. You can either go cry in your little safe space about it, you can accept it and embrace it, or you can try to change it for a healthier lifestyle.
  • SexyAshh
    The weight of all the the shit food they eat is going to their brains.

    Great mytake!. Completly agree👏👏
  • Clearblueskye
    I think most regular people are against it. I don’t see many people supporting that movement on GAG or anywhere else in real life. It’s just fat people and PC media trying to push that narrative. Even teenagers are smart enough to know that’s wrong.
  • JDavid25
    I'm okay with body positivity, and think there are some of sexy "bigger" girls out there.. But I agree with you.. They have taken it too far.. When you say it's okay to stay morbidly obese, then that's too much.. Like many have said, a lot of people just try to justify they lazy and unhealthy lifestyles, and some justtry to feel better by downin skinny girls..
  • simplyaramdomgirl
    100% agree with you. It's time people realize that just because it makes you feel good it doesn't mean that it's true. Just because you tell yourself that it's healthy, it doesn't make it healthy. It's time we stop validating wrong ideals. I'm all for "live your life however you want to", but I'm not okay with
    unhealthy propaganda being drilled into the minds of the impressionable youth.
  • Ninja_Arashi
    there is a difference between big, fat and extremely obese, someone can be big or a little chubby and still be beautiful but, extremely obese and trying to justify it as beauty is plain mental illness
    • Yeah like people these days think you are some sort of a landwhale if you carry 10-15 extra pounds -_-

    • Ninja_Arashi


  • KeniKeni
    "Big", or what people consider big in this society is beautiful. What you're showing on the pic isn't big, it's unhealthy, it's obesity and it's dangerous.
    • Lauren-green

      That's exactly what I said throughout my whole my take, I used that picture because she is described as a "plus-size" model, but like you said, it's just unhealthy 😊 thank you for agreeing with my opinion.

  • Gedaria
    Sorry, I've been fighting to keep my weight down, but you see these women, they come across as they have given up looking in the mirror. Being over weight is bad for you it can kill you...
  • rubyrose83
    It's all nonsense. Big is not beautiful. People need to stop deluding themselves into thinking they're fine the way they are. Stop trying to make everyone accept their obesity. It promotes a very unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of being inspired to change, people are going to think it's ok to be any size and it's someone else's problem if they don't embrace them. There is no such thing as 'body shaming'. And wtf is a 'plus size model'? The definition of a model is an example, someone to look up to. Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday and others are not that. I don't advocate for being skin and bones either. I, myself, am not a twig but there is a middle ground that I work hard to maintain. What happened to personal accountability?
  • TripleAce
    Those people are just lying, she's fat to the point that her fat is drooping off her bones... I know think this girl can go rock climbing, which a normal girl that never worked out could do an indoor one easily for the day.. this girl would be done half way
    she's too heavy to pick her herself
  • TonyBologna25
    They can do and say whatever they want. Nature will always tell us that obesity to extent displayed in that picture will always be extremely unattractive. You have fetishist, but nothing past that. It’s simply unhealthy and unattractive. So let them scream to society how beautiful they are... maybe they’ll burn some calories in the process lol.
  • Oram52
    Absolutely agree. True courage is taking action, true positivity is taking positive action. Just because they may keep repeating attractiveness is social construct and hence fat can be attractive too, its not really going to make it attractive. Being obese is unhealthy, biologically we wouldn't want to pass on those genes, hence being overweight, obese can not be attractive.

    Apart from being very unhealthy, other issue is these genes can also be passed down. So if parents are overweight/obese there kids might inherit those genes, and they'll be more likely to be overweight as well. Putting them at risk of problems related to obesity.
  • LMNOP123
    I think it was originally meant for people who can’t help their size. For example, my sister has PCOS and she’s been overweight her whole life. She works out and is vegan but still stays at a constant larger size.
    The problem is we have obese people who can help their size who are using the movement for themselves.
    Either way, if they want to think they’re healthy and it’s okay to be that big, go ahead. It’s not my problem.
    • 24brownish

      Sorry for her... cud u tell us a bit more about that disease?

    • LMNOP123

      @24brownish Too lazy to put in my own words completely but here's what google has to say!
      A hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges.

      Symptoms include obesity, being overweight or weight gain.
      My sister said they can lose weight but it's extremely hard to keep it off. She said if she doesn't workout everyday for at least an hour and/or eats the wrong things for even a day, she gains.

    • 24brownish

      Omg thats tough... i hope she heals n may God give us health. I always used to think my genes dont allow me to gain muscle easily and others were luckier, i suppose hearing anout such diseases makes u thankful for what u have.

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  • ShadowofRegret
    Great take miss, nice to see someone tell it like it is.😉
  • itzasekret17
    I’m plus sized but nowhere near that extreme. I agree with the fact that it’s good to love yourself even if u have extra, but to a certain degree. There reaches a point where the line has been crossed and now it’s no longer attractive but more of a health concern. I’ve seen many heavier, beautiful women but they carry themselves well. They don’t look like a heart attack waiting to happen. I understand that some have other health reasons that affect their weight, but even so, a little effort goes a long way. I try and hit the gym a few times a week to at least prevent myself from packing on the pounds, and I try and remain active.
  • MollyTheOriginal
    I believe partially in what you're saying. Physical health is a bit of a stretch, I agree, but I would argue they are mentally healthy because they have self-confidence in their own bodies. That 's more than what you can say for a lot of thin folks.
    • Lauren-green

      Hm I'm not too sure about that, I think a lot of people have mental issues, whether they are thin or fat and it can't be based on their weight, to come to that conclusion. But yes I'm sure a lot of overweight people are mentally healthy, but this MyTake was based on physical health

  • I agree. Trying to justify a scientifically indefensible lifestyle is unacceptable and loony.
  • nerms123
    What if a girl is thin or average but unhealthy? Maybe she eats too many potatoe chips or smokes or has toxic mental health. Don’t unhealthy people also deserve respect and freedom to live their lives? Many fat people are healthy whereas many thin people are not. I personally was much more unhealthy in a variety of ways when I was thin than when I was a bit bigger. Of course no one is saying to promote morbid obesity but the problem is that thin people’s issues are invisible and ignored while fat people are shamed solely based on looks. If someone doesn’t like fat people they should just say so instead of using health as an excuse. Health is between a person and their doctor period.
    • She wasn’t using unhealthy as a way to say she didn’t like fat people, she was just saying that it seems the ‘Big is Beautiful’ movement is promoting people to be overweight and it’s not a good idea to get into people’s heads because it’s not a good idea I’m slightly overweight and think people should accept themselves and accept others for who they are but I agree with what she said wether she meant it or not, you’re taking it as she’s she’s saying that fat people are disgusting and that she hates them and others should too, but that’s not what she’s saying she’s concerned about others seeing this movement and thinking it’s okay to let yourself go and become overweight too while in reality it’s a bad idea to do that because it can affect you poorly in the future and create complications with your body

    • GraveDoll

      your argument though?

      In order to get that fat in 98 percent of cases, one has to eat excess calories. Too much science to prove anyone wrong. The body has NO CHOICE but to worker HARDER to keep a fat person alive. That is like car wear and tear.

      Health is more so in terms of what we feed our body AND how much damage it does.

      the pressure on your heart and veins is a something we can prove from excess weight Even thin people habits will catch up because the science is there. simple.

      So no a fat a person is not healthier only because of the extra mileage they are adding to their body period, You literal can not ignore that. The damage is now showing on the outside.

      while I agree health should be between a doctor and the person. Saying who more healthy is like saying I total know that person in and out. But the world did give us a gauge to use so we dont have to run to the doctor every five minutes. and when you have unhealthy "habits" it will "show eventually

      But I think people have enough sense to use proven methods. Its just human nature to do so, if I had to pick players on my team I clearly going to go for the thinner person they will be quicker and just basic knowledge.

    • Lauren-green

      I never said I don't like fat people, in fact I said many times everybody should be comfortable and have body positivity. But my MyTake was about the big is beautiful movement, and wasn't aimed at thin people whom also have health issues, that's why I didn't feel a need to mention them. But I think it's ridiculous you are trying to say I don't like fat people and are just using health issues as an excuse, because I didn't just make up all these health issues, they are all very real and many obese people are affected by them. If you don't want to face the truth, then don't, but don't you dare say I'm not accepting other people or shaming their looks, when I was saying the exact opposite.

  • Thatsamazing
    "Big is beautiful." ... No, it isn't. The people pushing this ideal are fucking idiots. Being fat is unhealthy and unattractive. Work harder, eat smarter, drink water, sleep more. Track your calories. Have some pride. This isn't hard.
    • Sometimes we make it harder than it should be. I personally went on a "I don't care about myself" regime for the last 2 years - after my sister died. I attribute it to my grieving process... however, as of today, I decided I am TIRED of carrying around extra unnecessary weight, and it's time to make changes - so I'm currently meal prepping, and working on that new me. ... Sorry, not meaning to make myself look good - I have a long way to go - but, if I can reach the point of saying enough is enough, hopefully others can too. :)

    • Thatsamazing

      @ColoradoBound35 That's great. Sorry to hear about your sister. Good luck on your fitness journey.

  • Taylor_C
    You´re so right. How many obese people in their 80s have you seen? Extremely few, if any, because they´re all dead.
  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    I boycotted everything at this point. Its all bullshit.
    I boycotted society haha

    I boycotted the obese years ago, all they do is waste space. How unaware are they that they dont see themselves ballooning to hundreds of lbs. Then taxes go to treat their conditions. Heart disease is rampant among them and kills them. They dont even value their lives or health.

    I have worked in restaurants since I was 14 and never became overweight, because I control my portion size. I also didn't eat poison.
  • fragoleninnih
    It sure is crazy how the media is preaching body positivity in a way that tells you that you don't have to change for anyone. Ofc you shouldn't, but you should be told to care for your own health. Girls nor boys should be feed a life threatening lie like that.
  • I'm never gonna boycott someone trying to be comfortable in their own skin. Body positivity deals with self love and I'm never gonna tell someone that they're wrong for wanting to love themselves.
    • Lauren-green

      Did you even read mytake? I never said im against body positivity and self love, in fact I said many times that I support bigger girls and their body positivity movement. I said that I'm against the messages that come with it, the health issued based ones. Next time you should properly read the MyTake, before commenting..

    • Oh I read it. Next time you should try coming up with a different argument besides this same one about health. Or try starting with MENTAL health, since that's where it all begins anyway. You don't support anything if you're telling someone to boycott something.

    • Lauren-green

      I'm not coming up with a 'different' argument, because I was simply stating the reasoning behind MyTake. I'm not coming from a bad place, my dad is extremely diabetic and struggles with weight issues himself. This wasn't about mental health though, this was about the physical health problems that bigger people can develop due to excessive weight issues.. I said many times I support body positivity and I never said big isn't beautiful, I said I don't agree with overweight people posting how they are fit and healthy as it teaches the younger generation the wrong messages.. that was the whole point of the MyTake, it revolves solely around the physical health issues that can be caused from obseity. That is why I have only talked about health issues, and nothing more, nothing less. Don't take offence about something if you're not willing to listen to the facts.

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  • AuroraRoseat
    There is nothing wrong with the movement as long as it promotes a healthy weight range. There are people that have a healthy BMI and have a bit of extra fat. There is nothing wrong with that.

    I simply think that some of the advocates might have taken it to the extreme as is apparent in every ideology. That does not make the movement itself toxic.

    Additionally, I am sure that everyone of these negative commenters have something they are insecure about and wouldn’t like to be heckled.
  • i totally aggree. they pervertize the thought that you shouldn't "hate yourself" for being fat into "loving to be fat"... this is just wrong. what's next? suicide positivity? being fat is unhealthy and not cool. if you are fat, then yes you should obviously not hate yourself but you should do your best to get those extra pounds off your chest or you'll die early.
  • princesslibertarian
    I have seen these same "body positive" activists are the one's mom shaming mothers who still put themselves first and lose the weight and/or get surgery, or they're bashing someone that no longer wants to be fat...

    to me and what I've seen, it's a bunch of angry overweight women screaming and as an equalist, I want it gone
    • Shamalien

      ^ either the absolute rarest woman ever or a man larping. The other girls your age must fking despise and ostracize the shit out of you.

  • amberchii
    From a point-of-view of a big girl, the campaign is sadly misleading. It should send the idea that love who you are now but there is always room for improvement. And the health risks are real as fck. I know im not a saint and I have my lapses in making myself healthier but I know that I should make ways to be health but at the same time loving who I am at the moment.
  • Funky952
    As bad as this sounds, it's their life if they wanna live that way it's their decision and they must live with the consequences. All people can do is inform and hope the best. I think a common mistake is that people expect a "6 pack" like that equals healthy I still eat pizza and other stuff when I'm hungry, so I don't have a 6-pack, but I try to make working out part of my daily routine.
    • Wally48

      Daily workouts. An important life skill.

    • Funky952

      Agreed, I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I just hope people figure out what they want before it's too late

  • HomoFuge
    I have personally witnessed the damaging effects obesity has within my own family. My aunt has been morbidly obese for a long time. She is only 55 and she has already developed osteoporosis, and is insulin-dependent to control her diabetes.

    Fat people who claim that they can be just as healthy as fit people are saying that now because they haven’t developed any health issues yet. When they can barely walk and have trouble breathing they will regret ever having believed something so stupid.

    This is probably going to sound controversial but I also feel that morbidly obese people who say this kind of BS are selfish. They don’t care how their poor health impacts their loved ones. I know a fat woman who was bedridden due to her weight and so she never turned up to any of her son’s important events like football matches. Imagine how horrible that must feel for a little child.
    • Zoe1998

      Skinny people get high blood pressure and high cholesterol to and have heart ache to even if their being healthy.

    • cavmanier

      @Zoe1998 Yeah but that's like comparing a skinny person to the dangers of driving with an obese person with the dangers of driving drunk. Both are dangerous and you can survive car rides while being drunk, but the risk is significantly higher. Being obese is ridiculously bad for you if you understand what it does to the body. It's not just some superficial thing. It's not only bad for health but it feels bad to live with the excessive fat.

  • Browneye57
    TLDR. Nobody is really into FAT. At least not the majority. This is all just a feel-good campaign for fatties. You don't need to boycott anything, in fact, you don't need to do ANYTHING. Beautiful, huh?
    • HumansExist

      It's been found by psychology studies that fat/obese women (likely men too) are always viewed as unattractive -even if their hip-waist-ratio is 0.7 - the ratio which has been found to be the most attractive to males.

    • Browneye57

      @HumansExist - Seems like that's what I said. In a more round about way. LOL

    • HumansExist

      I was trying to add the evidence to back up your claim... didn't work out to well I guess.

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  • RussellTheSheets
    Okay it is important to be okay with being a BIT on the bigger side. Why is America catering to some people's lies on body positivity? It is positive when it brings positivity into your life. Who is happy about how they look when they weigh over 200 over and look like a blob and can't do anything for themselves? Sigh, I will never understand...
  • Seket
    Beauty doesn't always stand on equal ground with health. So your boycot misses the reason.
    • Lauren-green

      Did you read the whole thing? I was talking specifically about when larger girls take the "big is beautiful" movement as far as saying they are as healthy as a fit girl with a six pack, who works out every day for their body. I wasn't just talking about just beauty, itself. Like take the second picture (The screenshot from Facebook) for example, of what I mean. :)

    • Seket

      Oops, sorry, I must have skipped the facebook comment.

  • bellybuttonlint
    I can't boycott something I was never a part of to begin with anyway.

    But honestly, in terms of physical attraction I've never found big women attractive... never. my maximum bmi is like 22 or 21 for attractiveness but they usually hover around 17-19.
  • PinkMichae
    I never thought when I heard big is beautiful means women that are big saying they are healthy. It literally means women who are bigger still are beautiful. That you don't have to be a size 2 to be a beautiful woman. I really don't see the issue.
    • Lauren-green

      Yes, as you can see I said I agree with the "big is beautiful" movement itself.. but I don't agree with when they take it as far as saying they are healthy, or as healthy as a fit girl who works out every single day. Like the screenshot from my friend on Facebook.

    • Lauren-green

      If you had even read the first few sentences of the mytake, you would've seen that.

    • PinkMichae

      I did read it and saw that. But not once have I ever heard a woman associate them saying they are big and beautiful and because they think they are beautiful that means they believe they don't or won't have health issues. So I don't see an issue. I'm surprised that you have heard big women argue that being overweight is healthy. Doesn't make sense so it makes me think maybe you're reading into things and interpreting the big is beautiful movement wrong. You can always make something negative out of something positive if that's your mindset.

  • vjones819
    Ok, coming from a fat person I totally agree that being OBESE, and OVERWEIGHT to a extent, is unhealthy, I can’t detest that! Hell, my own health issues come from being overweight. And yes, as I came aware of these body positivity movements, I questioned "why are you promoting being unhealthy?" A literal self conscious fat person (me) thought that! But truth is they’re not, at least not all of them. Sure posting pictures and videos of you working out doesn’t mean you do! We all know that! But some of them promote eating healthy, working out, I mean it’s not like all of them say “being fat is healthy, and being skinny isn’t.” They have their own weight goals as well, just like me! You should not “boycott” a body positivity movement, this movement actually inspires me to lose this weight, and it makes me feel like I’m not less of a person, so boycotting it, though I see your intentions, is just not a good choice in my opinion.
    • vjones819

      And to add to this..

      No matter what size you are, you are still beautiful! It is WHATS INSIDE THAT COUNTS! I’m not saying that towards health, I’m saying that’s towards beauty.

    • Lauren-green

      Yes, I said many times that I'm not saying big isn't beautiful. In fact I said that everyone should be comfortable in their body. I also said the message "big is beautiful" isn't what I'm boycotting, but the messages that come with it, like the health based ones. But thank you for your opinion

    • vjones819

      NP, and yeah, tbh the messages will never make me thing being fat is in medical terms ok! It’s not, because all of the medical conditions that come out of it is not worth it, not at all. So I agree, because some people will take it the wrong way, especially the younger audiences. But what I get from it, is don’t feel ugly because you aren’t skinny, or fit! :$

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  • BoydWilks
    Some people are just big, no matter how hard they try, and they are fit, and healthy. Metabolism is not a measure for fitness, and some are able to do as much if not more than a slim person, while also carrying their weight and not being out of breath. This movement is about conditioning the mind with CBT to change your thought process and be happy in your own skin.
  • Guanfei
    I've said it many times. Body positivity is about accepting your body when you have things you can't change. Missing a limb, having a scar, or beauty marks, freckles, stretch marks... Things you can't do anything but accept, since it can't be changed.

    Being fat isn't body positivity. It's just being a lazy shit. Fat is ugly, and it can be changed. If you "accept" being fat, don't expect me to respect you, or find you beautiful, because you're not, you're just a fat blob of grease, a walking pile of bacon. This is ugly and I certainly won't be attracted to you. And if you're offended, good, maybe that will motivate you to move your bag of fat from the sofa.
    This is exactly what your friend is. A lazy crap who try to find justification to her laziness. She knows she's ugly, but instead of making things better, she prefers pretending that she's beautiful as she is.
  • dragoblack
    Wasn't the movement supposed to originally be about thicker body types and not about fat people?