The Body and It's Defensive!


What is the Immune system?

The Immune system is a complex system of cells and proteins that fight off foreign invaders, the body has 2 types of blood cells Red and White, Red is the life line of the body carrying Blood, Oxygen etc around the body, the white is the defence of the body.

What does the white blood cells do?

The white blood cells help fight off anything they see as a foreign body. For example you pick up a simple cold, the cold virus is seen as foreign body and the bodies defences attack the virus to make you better

My doctor says I have a weakened Immune system what does it mean and what could cause it?

Ok, Basically it means your body lacks the strength to fight off multiple invaders for example while recovering from a cold you could pick another infection and instead of fighting off both it can only cure the one. There are multiple things that could weaken or damage your immune system for example age, disease etc. Another thing is if your has been subjected to mutilpe injuries.

The Body and Its Defensive!
The Body and It's Defensive!
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    Not sure if this answers your question but I see a hematologist/oncologist for MGUS which is Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance. In layman's terms my blood makes extra "M" protein that can lead to Multiple Myeloma or blood cancer. My Hematologist has said that my immune system is weakened and it is because I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogern's Syndrome which attacks my body's moisture glands. I have been told that if I get more than 4 upper respiratory infections within a year that I would need to get IVIG infusions to attempt to strengthen my immune system. Thus far I haven't gotten an upper respiratory infection in a while. I am followed by my Hematologist every 6 months for a battery of labs to make sure my levels remain stable.
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    The human body needs to defend.