Weight Loss Made Easy

I was inspired to write this because yesterday, I learned that since I started my fitness journey, I’ve lost 25 pounds! In a year, I’ve gone from 162 pounds to 137 pounds. I’m 5’5” if that matters. But I didn’t do anything drastic…I just took small steps at a time. (“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”)

So I thought it might be useful to someone if I share some of my tips on the changes I made in my life. These incorporate weight loss into everyday activities. My progress was slow and steady, but added up to a lot at the end. It’s always best to start small. That makes it easier to stick with it and not give up. So these are some of the things I did along the way:

1. Step counting

Weight Loss Made Easy

If dieting is hard for you, doing more walking is an easy and practical way to get the exercise that it takes to burn off the calories. My step counter clips onto my clothes, but there are watches that do this also.

Using a step counter helped motivate me to get more exercise. I made it into a game. Each day, I challenged myself to see if I could break my own record for the amount of miles walked in a day. (The highest I've ever reached was 15 miles in one day.) My goal was to walk at least 10 miles each day and most days, I accomplished that. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Basically, just try to keep moving all day and sit down as little as possible.

If 10 is too many for you, then you can choose your own goal. Maybe start with 5 and work your way up. (Having a desk job can limit the amount of walking you can do.) Other than a treadmill, the things that added the most steps were:

- Cleaning the house. The chore that involved the most walking was doing laundry, specifically putting it away. That’s because of having to walk to different areas of the house to put each item where it belonged. Vacuuming is also good.

- Grocery shopping. Walking through all those long aisles really adds up.

- Window shopping at the mall. Go to the mall for a few hours and walk around the whole time. This is fun and the time will fly by.

(Caution: Window shopping might become real shopping. Try leaving your wallet in the car.)

- Taking out the trash. Especially in an apartment complex, walking to the dumpster can be a long way to walk.

- While at home, walk while doing things you would usually sit for. Some examples are: walking around while reading a book, while studying, while watching TV, or while being on your phone (either looking online or talking on it),

2. Changing eating habits

Weight Loss Made Easy

- Only eat when you are hungry. This sounds obvious, but think of how many times people eat just because it’s lunchtime. Or just because it’s morning, they automatically eat breakfast. Go by the signals in your body instead of the time of the day. If you’re not very hungry yet, then wait until you are.

- Keep snacks in the car instead of in the house. If you have to go outside every time you feel like having a snack, that will make you not want to. It will stretch the time between snacks and sometimes will make you decide not to even have the snack at all. This is much better than having snacks within reaching distance.

3. Learn to deal with hunger

Weight Loss Made Easy

A bit of hunger is a necessary part of weight loss. That’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re not eating as much as it’s used to. But of course, eating less than enough is the goal. So there will be a battle between you and your body.

I also like to think of hunger as being what losing weight feels like. Similar to how having sore muscles is what building muscle feels like. For most people, hunger is the number one reason that they have trouble losing weight…because they’re not able to handle that feeling. Here are some simple tips to help:

- When you become very hungry, wait one hour before eating. Giving yourself only a limited time to be uncomfortable will make it more bearable.

- Brush teeth. Have you ever noticed that after your teeth have been brushed, food isn’t as appetizing anymore and doesn’t taste as good? This can be used at any time of the day, to reduce cravings.

- Stay occupied. The busier you are, the less you will daydream about meals.

4. Intermittent fasting

Weight Loss Made Easy

This is a new one for me. I just started it a few weeks ago, but I’m getting results already. This is what helped me get past the weight that I was stuck at. I hit a plateau at 140 pounds and wasn’t able to get below that until I started doing this.

The concept of intermittent fasting is to eat only during a set amount of hours each day, then to skip eating the rest of the day. One of the most common splits is 16-8...fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours.

The reason for this is to give the body more time to burn off the food that has been eaten.

Weight Loss Made Easy

- Eating window. For me, it’s easiest to skip morning eating and start eating later in the day. My food cravings are always highest late at night, so I try to have my eating window as late as possible. So I usually do 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Those are the times that I eat between. So most of the fasting time is while I’m asleep and I’m essentially just having a very late breakfast.

- Don’t overeat after fasting. Just because your eating window is smaller than normal, don’t eat more than you usually do to make up for it. Try not to binge eat during this time. Stay reasonable with the calories and eat as healthy as possible.

The new year starts tomorrow, so I’m hoping these tips will help someone who will have weight loss as their New Year’s Resolution. Let me know if you have any questions!

Weight Loss Made Easy
Weight Loss Made Easy
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  • Great tips!! Those look very helpful! And thank you for sharing your journey!
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  • Anonymous
    Nice Take. And congrats on the weight loss success!
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  • Countrywildmangirl
    Wow thank u so so so so much.. I needed that.
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    • You're welcome, I'm glad I could help!

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  • Massageman
    Good info!
    • Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • LoU_Hades
    "3. Learn to deal with hunger"
    learn to live with hunger.
    Hunger is natural state and it has different stages. Most obese people don't understand that hunger motivates to physical activity like amphetamine and they never felt how it feels to be really hungry
    • That's very true. I've noticed that whenever I've gone without eating for awhile, it actually makes me have more energy. And I agree that many people don't know the feeling because they eat usually before it even starts.

  • lucas262
    I eat usually one big meal a day with lots of liquids.

    Guy told me i need to eat small meal in the day to up my motabalism.

    I'm currently going to a gym 3x a week at 200 lbs I want to be around 170.
    • Wow, that takes a lot of discipline to only eat one meal a day.

      The liquid diet is a good idea for weight loss, too. That's something I've never tried. I might need to experiment with that. It sounds really interesting.

      And congratulations on having the motivation to go to the gym 3 times a week. That shows that you're very dedicated to your goal.

    • lucas262

      Been eating once a day for a year or so, didn't lose mich weight.

  • pizzalovershouse
    Glad to hear you made a positive food change that helps you feel better an stay healthy an fit 👍👍👍🍕🍕the pizza is like a gold star to me cuz of my profile I use it to give some people a extra to nske them feel good on my post an post people do
    Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try some for sure.
    • Thats good, I'm glad to hear that they helped you!

  • sadassad
    Gaining weight is harder than loosing.
    Change my mind
    • There's no need for me to argue with you about that. It very much depends on the person and their metabolism. Gaining weight can be very hard also. I spent most of my life being underweight and getting made fun of for it, so I very much understand that. You're right that gaining weight could actually be MORE difficult because losing weight is usually a given with dieting and exercise. But if you're eating as much as you can, not burning off calories, and still haven't put on any weight, then there's really not much you can do past that point.

      If gaining weight is something you're trying to do, I'd suggest focusing on building muscle instead of fat. Muscle would make you look bigger even if food won't.

    • sadassad

      I am ok with my weight. I am only 3-4kg underweight than the average and as long as it does not put my health at risk I am ok. I've been working out for one and half year going to the gym regularly. I don;t really care that there is not much of a viisible difference since the weights I can lift have substantially gotten bigger so I am glad.

    Great ideas. I am currently doing my own routine and i have made great strides in my weight loss. And all it took was heading back to my roots in human anatomy and medical research. 😁
  • Pejtu
    You know nothing about weight loss girl, you beginner for me
    I lost in 1,5 years time 88 pounds
    Now im at 187 pounds since 2 years
    • Well, that's because you had more to lose. When people who are a larger size start dieting and exercising, they lose weight much faster than a smaller person. Their body lets go of that weight easier. I would have to be SEVERELY starving and malnourished to ever lose 88 pounds. Because since my starting weight was only 162, that would have left me at only 74 pounds!

      I'm sure that will happen to you also, that when your weight gets lower and lower, the weight loss will slow down because at that point, your body actually needs most of the weight.

  • LovelyFlower
    Congrats on the weight loss
    • Thanks :)

      Since I wrote this, I've already lost 3 more pounds.

    • Wow that’s great good job. Do you count calories?

    • Yes, I do count calories. I eat about 1400 calories per day.

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  • bamesjond0069
    I recommend just counting calories and eating more fruit and vegetables. No need to starve or fast or count steps.
  • hijgh32
    weight loss is created by the freaking media to distort ideal image of oneself
    • hijgh32

      look at what the media tells you: fat is ugly, thin is beautiful. never have i ever seen the media says fat is beautiful

  • YHL6965
    Nice take! I tried intermittent fasting in a different way. I did not have a lot to lose, 10 pounds roughly so I did not change my exercising or eating habits. However, once a week, I tried only eating one meal for the day and, with time and efforts, it worked.

    One thing that helps tremendously is drinking a lot of water to reduce your hunger. Besides, water is very underrated and it can make you feel so much healthier when you drink more.

    Something I noticed though, you don't get results right away, you need to make it a habit so that results are more pronounced. In the end, I'm happy of the results.
  • Thatsamazing
    Good work girl! Keep it up!
  • Kelly6
    Keto diet
    • I've heard that helps a lot with weight loss too. I tried it briefly, but found it hard to stick to because of so many limitations on the foods that can be eaten. There aren't very many foods that don't contain sugar or carbs.

    • Kelly6

      It’s the most easy and fast and best way

    • Kelly6

      And sugar doesn’t matter here

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  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the advice, you’ve given some tips I haven’t yet tried. I’m overweight, closer to being average weight than obese. My struggle is that I think I’m literally addicted to sugar. It’s all I ever want to eat, if I could just eat chocolate and sweets then I would and I actually have done in the past and will do in the future. For example, one time last month I ate a whole bag of haribo, some chocolate biscuits and several chocolate bars in a day and nothing else. I’ve done this kinda thing plenty of times but with varied sweets and chocolate. It helps me cope and makes me feel happy which is something I don’t feel much since I have depression and I’m numb on meds. I eat even when I’m not hungry because I love eating and not the healthy stuff. Have you any advice on getting over such things? Today I actually ate a whole tub of ice cream... and I still could’ve eaten more.
    • My suggestions would be to start eating fruit instead of candy. That's something that is also sweet, but of course is MUCH healthier.

      Also, you could suck on popsicles instead of eating candy. Those are very sweet , but due to them being liquid when you swallow them and also lasting a long time, they should help you to not gain as much weight. Especially if they're the healthier popsicles, such as the ones made from real fruit.

      It's going to take some discipline to eat less sugar. Try forcing yourself to eat some real food before each time you have something sweet. Then, at least you'll be getting the nutrients you need, even if you're still eating sweets. Vitamins would be a great idea too.

      Another bit of advice is to make sure you brush your teeth regularly, since you have an addiction to sugary things.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the MyTake. Good luck with getting healthier. And I hope you'll be able to get to the root of your depression so you can start feeling happier and more at peace.