Success as guy versus girl

Heres a happy image to ease your mind
Here's a happy image to ease your mind


As a man who is now 30 years old, I have absolutely less shame in almost anything I do because I understand the goal and how what I do dictates my success at that goal in almost everything I do. I'm now going to share with you why I believe being a man was much easier than being a woman and in which environment this wouldn't be true in.

What I believed Growing Up

I was raised in a decently rich, but not wealthy family who always lived poorly due to having a coercive abusive mother. My father one day couldn't take it and took off. Because my sisters where girls, I figured it would be easy for them to just have a man pick up the slack. For a man, I figured it wouldn't be the same and so I believed my life would be harder than my sisters lives.

The Reality

This was far from the truth and I never realized it until recently. It took me till I was thirty years old to see it and it had nothing to do at all with what they call the glass ceiling. While I was building social networks with people and advancing in my careers, my sisters weren't and so they all ended up failing to advance anywhere in life, marrying and having children with literal low lives because they related to them more I'm sure. Apparently this is what is stopping them from bettering themselves.

I know that most cases of people will be different, but this is my case which is coming out of the mouth of the guy who seen it first hand up to the point that they are now 30. My sisters are older than me and I am making more money than both of them. I was talking to one of them recently and it seems the reason they're afraid to build their social network is because they had been made afraid of people through my coercive abusive mothers ideas that all men are rapist and basically have given both my sisters a victim complex. Sadly, it has isolated them in such a manner that they would be literally easy targets from someone with malicious intentions, though they don't care. This one guy walks up to one of my sisters and ask for their number and my sisters literally believe the guy is a creep. If you raise your children to be afraid of the world, they will be and they'll need serious psychological therapy to heal the wounds. We had been in Texas most of our lives, so suing parents is impossible due to statues of limitations, but my mother literally messed my sisters heads up.

Conclusion and Final Take

This is the most honest thing you're going to hear anybody say ever about this subject. No matter what anybody tells you, always remember to ask yourself what their goal is. My goal is to try and at least prevent one train wreck from happening which doesn't have to happen. Nobody is going to help you ever and you'll get desperate to the point where you would rather be homeless, but no matter what, always take care of your image on how people see you even if you have to lie about it and never be afraid to live.

Success as guy versus girl
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  • Lochlan
    Great ending, "never be afraid to live". You make a thoughtful distinction. It is uncommon for a fella to have the option of marrying into the security of an affluent dame. That would really be equality...

    Definitely agree that individual success on one's own terms will bring fulfillment.
  • Iron_Man
    You didn’t mention anything about God

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