How I dealt with being single during CoVid and Valentines

How I dealt with being single during CoVid and Valentines

The short answer to how I stay happy while being single is that I kept myself busy.

On Friday, 2 days before Valentine’s Day, I read around 900 pages and finished a very long book compilation I had been trying to finish ever since July of 2021.

On Saturday, I read another 400-500 pages and had a conversation with a friend. I also gathered a series of new writing prompts to help myself in my journaling exercises.

On Sunday, I vacuumed the house, went to the doctors for a health check up, had an early shower to brighten my day, and began writing my book, I also began a 25th research project, on top of the 24 I already came up with and I set a series of new mini goals for myself.

If your depressed that you are single on Valentine’s Day, find an activity to keep yourself busy, whether it’s learning a language for free with Google or improving your writing with practice or training your posture with standing exercises or trying to improve your vocabulary with library books or doing a work out routine via YouTube. Walking for 4 hours a day is how one obese guy I used to talk to got down to a normal weight. Scriptural study also works since a thousand lifetimes could not exhaust them of all wisdom and knowledge.

How I dealt with being single during CoVid and Valentines
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  • Still-alive
    I just played video games. Almost done terraforming a Forrest into ash land
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  • Avicenna
    I think that was a good way to handle it
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  • Jjpayne
    Finding an activity to keep yourself busy sounds like good advice to me! Thankfully I spent time with my mother and brother today watching the lord of the rings
  • zagor
    Valentine's Day is a meaningless Hallmark holiday. I fail to see why people get so depressed about it.
  • WhistleForTheChoir
    How long have you been single? I've been single for all 27 years of my life. Eventually you run out of shit to do. I work out, I read, I've wrote three books, I've lived on three continents that aren't the one I was born on, I speak three languages, I know how to cook really well, I've got two college degrees, I could go on all day. This is not good advice in the long-term. If you do this shit long enough, eventually it becomes a rut. You find something else, but it's never something that makes you happy. It's just a distraction. I don't really have good advice for lonely people, but if there are any other lonely people here who have been gas-lighted by the "Cult of Self Improvement", then let me assure you, you aren't alone and self-improvement/staying busy all the time will not make you happy anymore than staying drunk all the time will. It's a numbing agent, not a solution.
  • collie22
    Would you message me
  • Anonymous
    Be glad that as a woman, nobody gives a flying fuck about a woman's confidence, that's not how men are attracted to women
  • Anonymous
    It's not that deep