I had my first disability test today


Basically the disability insurance people can't take my doctors word for it about the difficulties I have so they pay their own doctors to reexamine me and decide if I'm actually eligible to get disability for 4 years like my doctor said. But of course they're incentivized to keep the percentage of people who get benefits low. And they're pretty much only testing what I'm good at.

I had my first disability test today

Cognitive abilities, this time we did mostly memory and next time we'll do reaction speed and spatial imagination and stuff like that. Honestly I don't even know if there's a test that can quantify the things I struggle with so I'm pretty much just screwed. But I've always been honest and done my best so far I've tried to describe my issues. Even with working on my self awareness for years now there's still a lot of stuff that I can't explain well so I just try my best. I just have to hope they can see that I actually tried my hardest and they care enough.

I had my first disability test today

These people I'm with now don't even make any decisions they just test me and they send the results to a psychiatrist who actually is a doctor and she looks at the data and it's her word that really matters. But if I do well in the tests it doesn't help me.

So far when I really needed help I've always recieved it so I just have to have faith. I've doing well lately and I really hope I can continue my development but I just have to wait and see.

I had a great dinner with my mom after the tests. The restaurants can serve people again here as long as it's outside. I had a big plate of nachos, some salad with beef avocado asparagus cherry tomatoes and a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. MMMMMMMH

They had a reduced menu because they can't serve as many people but it was still really good :)

I had my first disability test today
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  • Dragonpurple
    Good luck, disability can be difficult for some people to get, while others seem to know how to manipulate it.

    I've seen someone get it, claiming depression cause going to work made her depressed... while she was on it, all she did was play online games to escape the depression into a virtual world. I get it, having to go to work in the first place probably triggered her depression.

    Yet another guy I used to know, did construction roofing, jobs and such. He fell off a house, broke his back in multiple places... got disability. Then he made a huge mistake, his back hurt like hell so no way he could get a job and do that all day. He had no skills but his mistake was he thought he could use his skills to REDO his own roof, rather than pay thousands of dollars to have someone else do it. Where as before one could finish the job in a day or two depending on size... he spent six months just doing a little here or there. Some how, someone... saw him there and he got reported and lost disability. They claimed if he could do his own roof he could get a job and do it again. No regards to the fact that he was doing it really slow and a little here and there. Somehow spending a few hours a week when the pain meds are on full numbing effect, translates to 40 hours a week at a job. That was his mistake though, should of just paid someone to do it for him.
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  • bulletbob555
    Good luck. I've never heard of this. My temporary disability insurance claims always went through really fast. I'm in the US which may make a difference and was a program that I paid the weekly insurance premiums through My employer health plan. My official disability determination went through in 5 weeks as compared to years and years like some people I was fortunate in that respect
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  • tallandsweet
    I can't even count the number of disability tests I've gone through throughout the years.
    I have good and bad experiences - I remember having to go to the hospital for one, where I talked to a very strange lady for 30mins and going to a doctor's house, talking to him for 10mins in an absolute mess (he didn't clean up AT ALL).

    My last disability test was with a psychiatrist, who basically told me that if I'm able to handle all of the stress at school, I certainly couldn't be suffering due to my autism that much.
    He was very odd, but also the most intelligent professional I had talked to during those disability tests. Also, I remember when he asked me about my love life and after breaking it to him that it's nonexistent he just went: "and whose fault is that?" and I didn't really have an answer.

    I think it's strange that as an autistic girl, you're expected to be more autistic than you may be to be "recognised" as someone on the spectrum. I mean, I obviously have my difficulties, I just don't show them as much I guess.

    I know how stressful these disability tests can be, because all they want to do is cut your extra money lol.
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    • Lynx122

      I said it wrong I guess I've done some tests before but none of them seemed very impactful because I didn't have anything to lose but this time I do. It's the first test of that really matters.

    • Jamie05rhs

      @tallandsweet That psychiatrist was a cunt. He had no right to shame you for not having a boyfriend. That was abuse.

    • @Lynx122 Oh, okay, I just assumed that you've always got something to lose usually lol.

      @Jamie05rhs it was a lot less dramatic than him shaming me for not having a boyfriend, he simply made me think why I didn't have one. I didn't mind it.
      If you knw what questions they asked you during those disability tests, you'd know that that particular remark is harmless, LOL.

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Hopefully you still get the help you need.
    Sounds like you enjoyed the meal after tho👍
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    • Lynx122

      Yes I did we couldn't go out to eat together for a long time so it was really nice :)

      Thank you I hope so too :)

    • Fingers crossed for you🤞🤞

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  • Miristheiss
    I want you to tell me the area of that shape at the top please.
  • exitseven
    I have never had to go through that but I have had to put in a couple of claims to insurance companies and they are always looking for ways to nickel and dime you to death. They are scum.
  • Celtero
    You seem fine bro, don't let some medical diagnosis affect your behavior.
    • Lynx122

      If I had any choice I wouldn't but I atually do have a lot of difficulties with working so I'm kinda dependant on this. And I've been able to develop a lot in the time since last summer that I haven't been working so I want to continue that.

  • Anpu23
    Good luck, I hope it works out for you.
  • pokerbot
    Is it okay to ask what's your disability?
    • Lynx122

      Well you see life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you get.
      Eh no I have autism.

    • pokerbot

      Cool, I'm on the spectrum myself. As you know you can score well on cognitive tests and still be autistic.

    • Lynx122

      Yeah I know. They won't say I'm not autistic but they'll probably question if I'm really not able to work. I will work at some point in the future although never 100% but atm it would be great if I had some more time to figure out who I am since it's been a slow process for me ^^. And I really hope I get that chance.

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  • Anonymous
    Here I can get at most a year on disability for not much money.
  • Anonymous
    you don't seem to have a disability by the way you write.
    • Jamie05rhs

      People with disabilities often develop good writing skills because it's the easiest way for them to communicate.

    • Riebeck

      aRe You sAyInG EveRy Kid WHo wRiTeS LiKe thIs iS diSablEd? Because it seems to be a trend. I'd say disabled people write WAY better than 'intelligent' people