I tried keto for a whole weekday and it made me look and feel more masculine


To start off, let's inform my readers that the ketogenic diet — or "keto" for short — relies on limiting your carbs while prioritizing natural fats and proteins.

Let's talk about myself; I have accomplished my ketogenic diet for a whole weekday, and it has transformed me into a much better and much stronger man than ever before!

Many diet-focused people tend to go vegan. A few others tend to go on a carnivore diet. For a gym-goer who's aiming at gaining muscle, while at the same time losing weight and being lean, I have discovered an "in-betweener" diet. That diet is the keto diet.

In the keto diet you have a great mix of low-carb plant proteins and low-carb animal proteins. Contrary to popular belief, there are fruits much healthier than an apple. The tomato, the avocado, the strawberry, even the occasional watermelon (but only sparingly).

Studies have shown that what you eat and drink really do have an effect on your looks and your attitude. Keto provides a great mix of lean (vegan/vegetarian) and muscle (carnivore/omnivore). Most women are hungry for a man who's got the "right" (subjective term I suppose?) summer body. Combined with moderate exercise, this diet works with both your biceps and your abs. Perfecté!

On to the timeline, let's see how much effect keto had on me!

Monday (June 13)

I brought myself a bag of cranberry medley mix nuts, a pair of eggs, and a cookie dough keto snack bar to work. I ate half of what was in the bag before work and the other half after work.


I. I walked to my neighborhood and saw a beautiful lady walking on the grass with her dog. I introduced myself to her, but only after complimenting her dog. She said her name in response. I said nice to meet you and almost shook her hand but she brought up the "COVID" excuse.
She asked me if I was around the neighborhood and I said yes (or did I say yeah? either way, doesn't matter). I either said I'll "see you around" or "take care".

II. Right after hitting the gym and buying a few keto-friendly stuff from the retail store I used to work at, I introduced myself to two girls assumingly close to my age who work over there. One of the girls soft-rejected me (I didn't even ask her out), but guess what? My self-confidence gave the other girl butterflies (no pun intended)! We chit-chatted after I offered her one of the drinks, and we even exchanged phone numbers!

The funny thing is I didn't even go home, change and wear back that deodorant and cologne before going to the store; I just went to the store right after hitting the gym.


My first keto meal helped me shape the way I think 2-3 hours after my food consumption. I got soft-rejected by the first two girls, but I at least had a major chance with the third girl. With that being said, if girls see that I am putting all that work and effort out there, they will want to talk to me.

With the keto hack in mind, I no longer see women the same. My approach to asking for their numbers hasn't changed, but my overall attitude sure has! I used to be told, "No, I have a boyfriend". Now sometimes I'm even asked for my number.

Every week before my keto diet, literally 0 girls would approach me (unless it was under very rare circumstances). Nowadays, as much as 10 (sometimes 15) girls see me as some kind of human bitcoin. From girls riding in their (or their family's/buddies') cars and at fun retail stores, to even the hot moms in their 20s and 30s (single and whatnot) at the more conservative-minded grocery and drug stores.

My point is that Keto can turn a man (particularly of atypical height and weight) from simp to chad when done right.

Tuesday (June 14)

Like usual, I stuck to meals low in carbs, high in fats (and sometimes proteins). I had a cranberry medley mix with two eggs once again, but this time around I had an avocado on the side as well as a keto mix.

For lunch on that day I had two cheddar fake-breads, one for a hot dog and another for a keto sandwich with tomatoes, deli meat (mortadella slice and turkey breast) and mayo.

I went to California Fish Grill and ordered myself a keto shrimp salad. I noticed a female employee was there. She was glancing at me a bit more than usual thanks to how keto affected me structurally in the face. Coincidentally, I definitely started to look more "chad" than usual.

I tried keto for a whole weekday and it made me look and feel more masculine

I had the greatest taste-bud after eating that keto shrimp salad!


Eating cheddar as a substitute for bread will make you not miss eating traditional hot dogs and sandwiches, and mind you, I do mean that in the most positive way possible. The keto shrimp salad I had was bomb(!), and so was the girl that I communicated with. Coming from a guy who no longer views girls as "special" or acts like a White Knight for them.

For my fellow (soon to be ex-)fatties and simps, the ketogenic diet works best to make you more bad-boy-like and less stuck in the "punk" mindset (and I'm not talking about the music genre).

Wednesday (June 15)

This day's gotten even better for me. I've thought even more independently of which healthy foods I bought, including the keto ice cream (in chocolate flavor) and the twin keto yogurts (I got myself strawberry and vanilla).

As I was riding my bike wearing my tank top and basketball shorts (like a total "bad boy") to the supermarket to buy the aforementioned keto stuff, the young female supervisor I had approached before was the first person to notice me that day I went shopping. She told me to get off my bike. I made her smile, pupil and say "yeah" when I said I remember seeing her (at the cashier lot).
Thanks to keto making me look more attractive and feel more confident, three other marvelously cute girls noticed me and (at many points) walked toward my direction as I was shopping for random food, particularly meat. I went for beef kabob with veggies, as well as chicken breast with cheese and bacon.


I went to the store on my bike, impressed four women (including the store supervisor!), bought a few keto items and left. As a way to maintain my Sigma™️ status, I refused to approach the female customers (whom I assumed were all either sisters or very-close best friends); the supermarket certainly is not like a chic retail like Target or Walmart, so I played safe with a more "socially aware" mindset and avoided making the same approaches as I did the day before.

I had both of my keto meals for a single "linner" (right in-between the traditional lunch and dinner times). The only problem was that my constant intake of "zero calorie" carbonated water lead to me craving for more foods (adding over 1000 more calories), yet I managed to stay on the keto side.

Thursday (June 16)

BRUNCH: After having done 25 minutes of treadmill at the gym, I biked all the way to my local Starbucks and special-ordered myself bacon stripes, gouda cheese and a scrambled egg patty with no buns. I also ordered a "keto frappuccino" which was not on the menu and had me lecture a male barista on how this item is made. I informed him with my phone. After I pulled my bike on the other side up front, the prettiest female barista came up to me (blonde hair with braids) and automatically made my "medium" cup a venti.

I tried keto for a whole weekday and it made me look and feel more masculine

SNACK: I can't believe I earned an unsolicited heart symbol on my hand after attempting to eat a Keto chocolate ice cream!

I tried keto for a whole weekday and it made me look and feel more masculine

DINNER: I went to Subway the same day and ordered myself a bowl of salad with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, avocado, mozzarella cheese, and turkey breast meat. Man, that was so good but I tossed away the mandatory bread "side" that I was given by the lady. I thought I was crazy to think Subway was keto-friendly, but it turns out it really is!

LATE NIGHT: I went to the supermarket and bought even more keto-friendly items, including a bag of pork rinds (which is basically a bag of potato chips but for keto and protein diehards).

Friday (June 17)

Believe it or not, I slept for 10 hours and 45 minutes thanks to this wonderful keto diet, starting at midnight. After I woke up I consumed flaxmilk as a beverage which was basically water with plant protein. I had eight triangles of swiss cheese, four of each kind — "light cream" and "cheddar wedge". I had consumed mostly pork rinds and pumpkin seeds for snacking.

That's how I know, this day really changed my eating lifestyle.

As I was running to the store, I noticed a blonde curly haired girl in the back seat of a sedan glare at me. It's interesting to me that every time I practice keto my facial structure becomes more masculine and is a great mix of Joe Rogan (the semi-bald hair and most of the facial features) and Morgan Wallen (the greenish-black beard).

Is it just me, or does keto really work to build a "chick magnet" out of an average joe who's often called handsome only by his family?

Here is my intake over the weekday:

Monday: 3178 calories - 18% carb, 62% fat, 20% protein

Tuesday: 2482 calories - 11% carb, 67% fat, 22% protein

Wednesday: 4511 calories - 17% carb, 64% fat, 19% protein

Thursday: 2607 calories - 15% carb, 67% fat, 18% protein

Friday: 3528 calories - 10% carb, 61% fat, 29% protein

I went down from 216.4 pounds on June 12 to 211.4 pounds on June 17. I was constantly at 215-220 pounds, but I was surprised to see myself at under 215 for the last three days. I weighed 213.8 lb on both Wednesday and Thursday even though I consumed much more calories overnight on Wednesday.

I tried keto for a whole weekday and it made me look and feel more masculine
I tried keto for a whole weekday and it made me look and feel more masculine
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